Site Authority meeting agenda
August 2, 1999

Administration Building &emdash; Banquet Room
California State University, Channel Islands
One University Drive
Camarillo, California 93012
Monday, August 2, 1999
11:30 a.m.

R. J. Considine, Jr., Chair
Frank Schillo, Vice Chair
Charlotte Craven
J. Handel Evans
Laurence K. Gould, Jr.
Kathy Long
Richard P. West

Call To Order (Chair) and Roll Call (Carmen Smith)

Approval of Minutes

Special Meeting of April 22, 1999
Regular Meeting of June 7, 1999

Public Comment Period (Pursuant to Government Code section 11125.7)

President's Report (J. Handel Evans)


Counsel's Report (William Knight)

Conflicts of Interest

Counsel will report and advise on the status and responsibilities of members and staff with multiple public-entity responsibilities (e.g., Authority-County, Authority-City, Authority-State). Counsel will advise on the ability of members to vote on contracts between the Authority and a public entity of which the member is an officer. INFORMATION ITEM

Proposed Rules

The Authority's Bond Counsel has recommended that the Authority adopt policies concerning the status of its employees as public employees, the disposition of the Authority's assets on dissolution and a prohibition against the income of the Authority inuring to the personal benefit of its members. A resolution proposing amendment of the Rules for these purposes is attached. ACTION ITEM &emdash; RESOLUTION ATTACHED

Authorization To Lease Parking Areas and To Enter into an Agreement To Improve, Maintain and Operate Parking Lots at the CSUCI Campus (Tabled from June 7, 1999, meeting) (Art Flores, Director, Administrative Services)

Approval to enter into the Facility Lease between the Trustees of the California State University and the California State University, Channel Islands Site Authority (Dated August 30, 1999). ACTION ITEM &emdash; RESOLUTION ATTACHED

Approval to enter into Agreement for Transportation and Parking Services to improve, maintain and operate parking lots at the CSUCI campus, Contract #2000-01. ACTION ITEM &emdash; RESOLUTION ATTACHED

Insurance Coverage for CSUCI Site Authority Officers and Operations (Art Flores, Director, Administrative Services and Daniel J. Howell, Program Administrator, Driver Insurance Services). INFORMATION ITEM

East Campus Development &emdash; Status Report (Art Flores, Director, Administrative Services. and Conrad Sick, Vice President, Catellus Residential Group). INFORMATION ITEM

Ground Lease between the CSUCI Site Authority and the California State University Trustees &emdash; Update (William Knight, Authority Counsel). INFORMATION ITEM

Member Forum (Open discussion for members, including any requests for matters to be considered at future meetings)


For information on this meeting you may contact: Carmen Smith, California State University, Channel Islands, Administration Building, President's Office, 1878 South Lewis Road, Camarillo, California; 805/383-8400