Site Authority meeting agenda
April 9, 2001

California State University Channel Islands Site Authority
Regular Meeting
Monday, April 9, 2001
11:30 a.m.
California State University Channel Islands
Banquet Room
One University Drive, Camarillo, California 93012
Phone: 805-437-8400

R. J. Considine, Jr., Chairperson
Frank Schillo, Vice Chairperson
Charlotte Craven
J. Handel Evans
Laurence K. Gould, Jr.
Kathy Long
Richard P. West

John Flynn
Manuel Lopez
Douglas X. Patiño

Call to Order (Chairperson) and Roll Call (Carmen Smith)

Approval of Minutes of March 5, 2001

Public Comment Period (Pursuant to Government Code section 11125.7)


President's Report (Member J. Handel Evans) INFORMATION ITEM

Progress of campus projects will be discussed.

Counsel's Report, Including Conflict of Interest Questions (William Knight) INFORMATION ITEM

Counsel will provide guidance on conflict of interest questions, including the effect of managing portfolios of commonly held stocks.

Proposed Addendum to Reuse Plan and Ordinance- Second Reading and Adoption (William Knight and Richard Hiscocks) ACTION ITEM -- BRIEF, PROPOSED ORDINANCE AND ADDENDUM

An ordinance is proposed which will adopt an addendum to the Authority's Reuse Plan. The addendum contains provisions required under the CSUCI Site Authority Development Act. The attached materials are the same as presented with the March 5, 2001, First Reading.

Approval of Financing and Related Documents (Brad Wells and Richard Hiscocks) ACTION ITEM -- BRIEF AND RESOLUTIONS

Actions and a resolution to approve infrastructure and replacement financing will be proposed. The resolution is to approve the form and authorize the execution of financing documents. The resolution is captioned, "Resolution of the Governing Body of the California State University, Channel Islands Site Authority Approving the Form and Authorizing the Execution of a Tax Allocation Loan Agreement, a Rental Housing Revenue Loan Agreement, A Reimbursement Agreement, a Leasehold Deed of Trust, an Official Statement, a Bond Purchase Agreement, a Continuing Disclosure Agreement, and Authorizing Certain Actions." This item includes approval of several transactions and agreements, including:

Tax Allocation Loan Agreement

Rental Housing Revenue Loan Agreement

Reimbursement Agreement

Leasehold Deed of Trust

Official Statement

Bond Purchase Agreement

Continuing Disclosure Agreement

These actions and financial instruments are proposed to implement the financing plan that was presented to the Site Authority at its February 5, 2001, meeting.

Review and Approval of final form of Development Agreement with Brookfield Campus Housing Inc. (J. Patrick Drohan) ACTION ITEM

The Authority approved the Development Agreement in draft form at its March meeting. If changes are negotiated which require confirmation, Site Authority approval will be sought.

Member Forum (Open discussion for members, including any requests for matters to be considered at future meetings)


Supplemental Agenda Item

The chair or body may recess for lunch or other convenience at suitable times as they determine.

For information on this or other meetings you may contact: Carmen Smith, California State University Channel Islands, Administration Building, President's Office, One University Drive, Camarillo, CA, 805-437-8400.