The SRIRS facilitates interdisciplinary undergraduate, graduate, and professional research at CI collaborating across most academic programs. Some examples of long-term monitoring projects we are involved in include sandy beach monitoring and morphology, stream restoration and geomorphology, sea cliff erosion, big tree demography, rocky intertidal monitoring, historic photo-point monitoring, cloud forest restoration, biosecurity, wetland water quality, and marine debris research and cleanup.

The SRIRS attempts to expand on knowledge of natural and cultural resource patterns and processes by identifying research needs in collaboration with partners at Channel Islands National Park, developing interdisciplinary collaborations, and weaving together the work of the research community. We support interdisciplinary research throughout the year, but all research performed on Santa Rosa Island must be reviewed and approved by Channel Islands National Park. Scientists and students wishing to initiate a trip please go to the “visiting the station” page.

We are Interdisciplinary!

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