S-TEEM Staff

Mission Statement

Through collaboration, using value-based criteria, the team is committed to sustaining a program of raising morale through recognizing and rewarding the accomplishments and contributions made by individuals and groups toward the success of the Division while supporting the mission of CSU Channel Islands.

What is S-TEEM

S-TEEM stands for Service, Teamwork, Excellence, Encouragement, and Motivation, allvalues that are encouraged by our employees here at CSU Channel Islands. S-TEEM is the Rewards and Recognition Program committee created to identify, recognize,and reward those employeeswho live the S-TEEM way of life.

S-TEEM Members

  • Pamela Abbott-Mouchou
  • Raudel Banuelos
  • Linda Covarrubias
  • Deanne Ellison
  • Danny Haws
  • Rogelio Mendoza
  • Theresa Olivo
  • Valerie Patscheck
  • JoAnn Stuermer

Email S-TEEM at: steem@csuci.edu


Award Nomination Form(MS Word, 36KB)

Online Award Nomination Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for nominations?

All Finance and Administration employees, groups, or teams are eligible.

Who can nominate?

Any Division staff member can nominate an employee, group or team within the Division.

I work in University Glen. Can I participate?

Although you are not a University employee, for these purposes, UAS employees are part of Finance and Administration, and so, yes, you can participate in nominating a person and/or group for an award.

Who is not eligible to be nominated?

Active S-TEEM committee members are not eligible, unless they are part of a group or team being nominated.

Who makes the final decision for the winners?

The S-TEEM makes the final decision for awards, subject to approval by the Department Heads.

What is being rewarded?

  1. Exemplary performance both in the employee's own responsibilities as well as service beyond assigned duties. Established record of significant achievement sustained over a period of time.
  2. Continuous leadership in the conduct or improvement of Division and University programs, services, or operations. Contributes to positive relations, offering outstanding customer service, helpful and friendly assistance, serving as a model to others.
  3. Innovative and/or creative ideas that have improved the efficiency and/or effectiveness of a unit or service. Idea that might contribute to the resolution of a difficult problem or a method which would improve Division output or quality of work.
  4. Distinguished service and meritorious contributions within the Division and/or the University.
  5. Actively fosters cooperation and harmony, making the University a more humane place to work. Successful use of human resources with fairness, respect, and equal welfare of others, which has led to an improved work environment.

What are the criteria for the awards?

The Division's values of Safety, Teamwork, Excellence, Innovation, Stewardship, Sustainability and Integrity.

What is the selection process?

Completed forms (paper or online) are submitted to Human Resources or to a S-TEEM member. Once collected, the S-TEEM will make a list of nominations and review with the respective Department heads for eligibility.

When are nominations due?

Nominations are due prior to the Division's All Hands meetings.

When are rewards given?

Rewards will be given at each All Hands Meeting.

Where do I get a nomination form?

Online (S-TEEM website), Division-email w/ attachments, or OPC front desk.

Where do I turn in my form?

Human Resources, S-TEEM members or online.