Course Feedback at CI

The Goal: Continuous Engagement

At CSUCI our faculty are committed to providing high quality courses for all students, in all modalities. Developing quality online courses encompass affordances and challenges unique to a digital environment. Course feedback is neither a beginning nor ending, but another pathway to support and engage faculty in course design, facilitation and digital tools. Whether new or experienced, customize a pathway that supports your experience and goals.

What is Course Feedback?

  • Course Feedback is not:

    • A Requirement
    • An Evaluation
    • A Report Card
    • Shared
  • Course Feedback is:

    • Supportive
    • Flexible
    • Faculty Driven
    • Student Centered

Pick the Pathway that Fits Your Instructional Needs

We understand that faculty have differing needs, time constraints, and learning preferences. All Course Feedbacks begin with a 15 minute Pre-Feedback Conference; however, you can pick the feedback pathway that best fits your needs.

  • Pathway 1

    Pathway 1: Pre-Conference & Written Feedback

    Pathway 1 is designed for those who only wish to receive written feedback after one pre-conference meeting. Written feedback includes the completed QLT rubric and feedback documentation. Feedback will be sent to you via email.

  • Pathway 2

    Pathway 2: Pre-Conference, Written Feedback, and Follow Up Consult

    Pathway 2 is designed for those who would prefer written feedback and a follow-up consultation with the reviewer following the Pre-Feedback Conference and course feedback. Written feedback will include the completed QLT rubric and feedback documentation. You can choose to review your feedback and then meet for a consultation. Alternatively, you may receive your feedback during your consultation.

  • Pathway 3

    Pathway 3: Side-By-Side feedback and Consult

    Pathway 3 is designed for those seeking to develop a specific course component or module. You will meet with a reviewer in Zoom and examine your course through the lens of two QLT Sections of your choosing. Plan to allow approximately 2 hours for this consultation. The reviewer will compose a meeting summary sent via Email within two weeks of the meeting. The summary will include:

    • The QLT rubric completed during the consultation
    • A summary of strengths and opportunities discussed
    • Action items with resources to support steps for revision/redesign


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Meet Our Course Feedback Team

Rachael Jordan - English

Rachael Jordan headshot

Rachael Jordan is the Quality Assurance Faculty Lead with the Teaching and Learning Innovations (TLI) Team at CSUCI. She is an alumni of CSUCI and has been teaching in the English Department since Fall 2012. Her courses include First-Year Composition, Interdisciplinary Writing, Advanced Rhetoric and Composition, and Business & Technical Writing. She has been part of the T&LI Blended Learning Cohort 4, was an Adopting Faculty Cohort for the CSU Course Redesign with Technology, participated in the Online Teaching Preparation Program, and has participated in CSU Quality Matters Professional Development such as “Improving Your Online Courses” and “Reviewing Courses Using the QLT Rubric.” She presents both research and workshops on Technology and Teaching throughout the year, her most recent being, “Evolving Digital Technologies for Enhancing Student Access, Equity, & Accountability” at the Conference for Writing Program Administrators in June 2018 She is excited to now be a Faculty Reviewer!

Rachael’s Website

Dr. Safa Khan - Chemistry

Dr. Safa Khan headshot

Safa works with TLI by facilitating the Course Design part of the Online Teaching Preparation Program. Safa has a passion for technology and pedagogy - she has taken a variety of workshops and courses such as OpenCI, Blended Learning Preparation Program, Accessibility Workshop and Reviewing Courses Using the QLT Instrument. Safa has also taught in the Chemistry Department since Spring 2015. She teaches a variety of chemistry courses, including two project based sustainability courses. These two courses have gained funding and implemented various projects at CSUCI, including planting a pollinator garden and installing parking lot solar lights. Safa also has experience teaching at Oxnard Community College and UC Irvine. Previously, Safa studied the dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons on Platinum with an in-house built Scanning Tunneling Microscope at UC Irvine. On her free time, Safa is currently volunteering at Rio Del Sol Elementary School in Oxnard by writing a STEAM experiment manual for the kindergarten classes and hosting the experiments on a weekly basis.

Safa’s website

Lorna Gonzalez - Instructional Designer & School of Education Faculty

Lorna Gonzalez headshot

Lorna Gonzalez is an Instructional Designer, who comes to Teaching and Learning Innovations with over eight years of experience in Learning Management System-supported instructional design. She also teaches literacy and English methods courses in CSUCI’s School of Education, and has participated in CSU’s Quality Matters Professional Development course, “Reviewing Courses Using the QLT Rubric,” as well as CSUCI’s Online Teaching Preparation Program. Her dissertation research explores information visualization and multimodal literacies, and she presents at educational technology workshops throughout the year as a Fellow of the South Coast Writing Project. She is thrilled to connect with more faculty as a course reviewer!

Megan Eberhardt-Alstot - Learning Designer

Megan Eberhardt-Alstot headshot

Megan is the Learning Designer and part of the Teaching and Learning Innovations Team at CSUCI. Prior to joining CSUCI, she worked in K-12 education at both the school and district level. She has worked in faculty development with educators at all levels, from kindergarten to higher education. She earned her bachelor's degree and teaching credential from Pepperdine University and Master's and Administrative Credential from Channel Islands.  She has developed and facilitated both online and face to face courses for the School of Education. She is a Google Certified Educator and Open CI Ambassador. Megan facilitates part of the Online Teaching Preparation Program with Dr. Safa Khan. She is a member of the CSU Instructional Design, Quality Assurance, and Student Impact Research (SQuAIR) Interest Groups. Her interests include pedagogical practice in digital learning environments, socially responsive course design and facilitation, quality assurance, and online learning modalities to promote social and economic mobility.

Dr. Maria Ballesteros-Sola - Management

Dr. Maria Ballesteros-Sola's headshot

Dr. Ballesteros-Sola is an Assistant Professor of Management at the MVS School of Business & Economics. She received her DBA from IE Business School (Spain), MBA from the Graduate School of Management at Boston University, and Law Degree (LLB) from Universidad Pontificia Comillas-ICADE (Spain). She is a proud Fulbright Scholar (1998-2000) and Paul R. Lawrence Fellow (2016). She has been an active faculty member of the California Institute for Social Business since 2010.

Her research interests include hybrid organizations, B-Corps, social business, social entrepreneurship as well as non-profit organizations engaging in Earned Income Strategies (EIS). She is also actively involved with NACRA (North America Case Research Association), the B-Corp Academic Roundtable, USASBE (US Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship) and Yunus Social Business Academic Conference. In addition, Professor Ballesteros-Sola is a member of the Academy of Management. She is a regular reviewer of a number of Journals and is the editor of the “Social Impact” SAGE Publishing Case Collection. She has published in the Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, the International Journal of Social Business and the Journal of Social Business. In 2018 she was appointed to the board of the Case Research Foundation.

Additional Questions?

Checkout our FAQ Guide, or contact Learning Designer, Megan Eberhardt-Alstot, or Quality Assurance Faculty Lead, Rachael Jordan.

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