Dear Survey Respondents,

We, at Facilities Services, sincerely appreciate your taking the time to rate our services to the Campus and for giving us feed-back. FS's role is to keep the Campus functioning, so that the faculty, staff and students can continue to teach and learn in a welcoming environment. Your responses help us gauge our performance and to strive to do better. We are posting the results of the 2012 survey here (PDF, 889KB).

FS's target is to score 8 or above out of 10 in each area of service. We have scored 8 or above in most areas, and we thank you for your high ratings and positive comments about our services. We sincerely appreciate your support. You have noticed also that we have improved our performance in several areas since last year. There are certain areas where improvement in performance is needed. We are taking active steps to perform better in these areas.

There are two areas where there were several comments, and we did not score well in these areas. The first one is in the area of cost recoveries. You have asked why FS has to charge for services. I, too, wish that FS did not have to charge for services. The fact is, though, the State provides funds for "routine maintenance" activities only, and the State mandates that costs of "non-routine" activities be recovered. To support "non-routine" maintenance requests, FS has to maintain a larger staff and the costs of a larger staffing pool and materials expenses must be recovered. We are, however, actively working with the Vice-President to identify other option which satisfy the State's mandates, but provides better service to you.

The second area of concern is the lack of proper custodial service in the offices. Our custodial staff to floor space ratio is the worst in the CSU system. Therefore, our custodians are able to clean classrooms and common areas daily, and cannot clean offices more than once a week. Our custodians do a fabulous job in the areas they do clean. We are working with our Vice President to rectify the problem by adding more custodians to our team. Unfortunately, we are far away from being able to clean offices more frequently. We have begun cleaning windows, building exteriors, stair-ways and have increased the cleaning frequency in common areas and classrooms. We plan to increase day services. FS, like other departments, struggle with fiscal challenges and cannot provide all the services you want.

Your comments are always welcome. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Facilities Services Work Center at (ext. 8462) or me.

Dave Chakraborty
Associate Vice President – FS