Members appointed to the 2015/16 Strategic Resource Planning Committee include:

Cabinet Members:
Ysabel Trinidad, Vice President for Finance and Administration (co-chair)
Gayle Hutchinson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (co-chair)
Michael Berman, Vice President for Technology and Communication
Genevieve Evans-Taylor, Special Asst. to the President
Nichole Ipach, Vice President for University Advancement
Greg Sawyer, Vice President for Student Affairs

Faculty Representation:
Jeanne Grier, Academic Senate Chair
Marie Francois, Professor, History

Staff Representation:
Dianne Wei, Budget and Operations Analyst for Student Affairs
Chanda Cunningham-Spence, Manager of Instructional Support & Academic Resources

Student Representation:
Monique Reyna, Student Government President
Paul Fields, majoring in business

Committee Support:
Missy Jarnagin, AVP Financial Services