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You're fascinated by the past and current transborder experiences of Chicana/o and Latina/o populations, and their respective nations of origin in Latin America and the Caribbean. You’re also interested on how Latino/as have influenced and enriched the community and cultural life of the United States. As a Chicana/o Studies major at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), you'll receive an international, multicultural, interdisciplinary and community service-oriented education focused on you – one that prepares you for success as a global citizen in the 21st century.

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Your program

You'll investigate the multi-dimensional culture of the Chicana/o and Latino/a community in the U.S., closely examining current and past experiences of Chicanas/os and Latina/os whose origins exist south of the U.S./Mexican and U.S./Caribbean border, and gain a solid and critical understanding of the history, sociocultural issues, transborder processes, and political economic forces affecting Chicano/a-/Latino/a communities.

CSUCI is known for its interdisciplinary approach to learning and our Chicana/o Studies program is no exception. You will take courses across a broad range of disciplines, subjects, enjoy opportunities for international study, and apply your knowledge to meaningful community service-learning projects that benefit local Mexican-origin and Latino/a communities.

Your future

You'll be prepared for a variety of career paths in the private sector, education, government, or nonprofit organizations that serve communities with a significant population of people with origins from Mexico and other nations of Latin America. Chicano/a Studies majors go on to successful careers in education, health, social service, government, business, law, arts and mass media, community advocacy and much more.

Top careers include:

  • Social Worker
  • School/College Counselor
  • Community Activist/Organizer
  • Nonprofit Outreach Manager/Director
  • Latino Marketing Specialist
  • International Human Rights Official
  • Health Care Professional
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Attorney/Legal Assistant
  • Translator/interpreter

Your future income

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the outlook for your future career.

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