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You already know you’re part of a globalized world – that you live in a time when the way you think and act affects others far away. By becoming a Global Studies major, you’ll gain the tools to better understand other cultures and countries, how history shapes the present, and how interdisciplinary insight can change the future.

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By studying Global Studies at CSUCI, you’ll integrate global coursework with international experience to develop your knowledge of the world and the major contemporary issues confronting humanity. Students immerse themselves in foreign cultures with study abroad; learn the various implications of globalization; examine the issues facing modern-world societies across multiple perspectives, disciplines, cultures and nations; and participate as global citizens and leaders.

Your future

You’ll be prepared for a variety of careers in the international arena, including international business, advocacy, government, media, politics, research, academia and much more. For example, Global Studies majors could qualify to work for the federal government (such as the Foreign Service, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Department of Homeland Security, etc.); international service agencies (such as CARE, UNICEF, Direct Relief International); international NGOs (e.g., Peace Corps, Red Cross, Amnesty International, etc.); and many overseas careers. You’ll also be well-prepared for graduate study in international affairs, international business, peace and world order studies, area studies, and the emergent global civil society.

Top career fields include:

  • Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Congressional aide
  • Diplomat/embassy official
  • FBI agent
  • Foreign correspondent
  • Foreign Service officer
  • Humanitarian relief worker
  • International business consultant
  • International development consultant
  • Policy analyst

Your future income

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the outlook for your future career.

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