FAQs on General Education Requirements

If General Education requirements change, do I have to follow the new GE requirements?
No, as long as you are a continuing student, you have catalog rights to the year you started CSUCI.

How do I know what catalog year I am on?
To check what GE catalog year you are on, view your Channel Islands Academic Requirements Report CARR .

Do I have to complete the Area F Ethnic Studies requirement?
Only students on the 2021-2022 catalog year and future catalog years need to take an ethnic studies GE requirement.

I noticed there are only 6 units of GE Area D required now, do I only need to take two classes now?
It depends on your catalog year:

  • students on the 2021-2022 catalog year (and future catalogs) are only required to do 6 units
  • students on the Fall 2018 – Spring 2021 catalog years need to do 9 units
  • students on the 2017-2018 and prior catalog years have to take 12 units

Note: When you are looking for GE and graduation requirements you must always follow the catalog for the year you plan to TAKE the course. When you are looking for major requirements, you would follow the year you declared your major, you have “catalog rights” to the course requirements for that year and only that year. Your major catalog year can be found on your CARR report if you are unsure.

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