Report a Concern

The CARE Team’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. To receive and review reports regarding students of concern submitted by members of the campus community and the general public;
  2. To develop a collaborative and coordinated action or intervention plan to respond to students of concern and follow-up plans, when necessary
  3. To create protocols, processes, procedures, and recommend policies to enhance the effectiveness of the CARE Team;
  4. To provide ongoing case management involving students of concern and to assist students in reaching their educational goals;
  5. To assess and monitor national trends and events that may impact the institution;
  6. To market and advertise the resources available provided by the CARE Team to the campus community.

Team Membership:

  1. Associate Dean of Students (Chair)
  2. Lieutenant, CSU Channel Islands Police Department
  3. Director of Disability Accommodations & Support Services
  4. Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
  5. Director of Residential Education
  6. Director of Academic Advising
  7. Director of Financial Aid
  8. Associate Registrar
  9. Basic Needs & CARE Case Manager
  10. Arts & Sciences representative

Location: Bell Tower 2565
Telephone: 805-437-8512
Fax: 805-437-3211
Report: CARE Team Report Form

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