Report a Concern

The CARE Team’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. to maintain for the campus community a healthy and safe educational and work environment;
  2. to receive and review reports regarding students of concern submitted by members of the campus community and the general public;
  3. to develop a collaborative and coordinated action or intervention plan to respond to individuals of concern and follow-up plans, when necessary;
  4. to initiate threat assessments and risk determination, when warranted;
  5. to create protocols, processes, procedures, and recommend policies to enhance the effectiveness of the CARE Team;
  6. to assess and monitor national trends and events that may impact the institution; and
  7. to market and advertise the resources available provided by the CARE Team to the campus community.

The following individuals participate on the CARE Team on a weekly basis:

  1. Dean of Students/Associate Vice President for Student Affairs – Campus Life (Chair)
  2. Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management & Director of Admissions & Records
  3. Associate Vice President for Student Affairs – Housing & Residential Education and Associated Students Inc.
  4. Basic Needs, CARE & Conduct Administrator
  5. Coordinator of Basic Needs & CARE
  6. Coordinator of Disability Accommodations & Support Services
  7. Dean of Arts and Sciences or designee
  8. Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
  9. Interim Associate Director of Residential Education
  10. Chief, University Police Department
  11. Senior Director for Equity & Inclusion
  12. Senior Director of Human Resources 


Location: Bell Tower 2565
Telephone: 805-437-8512
Fax: 805-437-3211
Report: CARE Team Report Form