What is CashNet eMarket?

CashNet eMarket is a service which enables official University organizations and auxiliaries of CI to collect revenue online for events, donations, and other special purposes from members of the community.

Why does eMarket exist?

To provide a method by which departments and auxiliaries of California State University (CSU) Channel Islands can collect revenue online for events, donations, and other special purposes from members of the community.

How do I request an online storefront?

Please fill out the CI eMarket Request Form  (MS Word, 73KB) and email it to cashnet@csuci.edu. Please provide at least 4 weeks of lead time prior to launch of your payment site; implementation of a new eMarket site typically takes 4-6 weeks from the submission of a completed eMarket Request Form. 

What happens after I submit my request form?

After the form is submitted Fiscal Services will build the page in non-production. Once the page is built, a meeting will be scheduled which both the requester and manager approving the site must attend. After the meeting, the department is given the link to the test site to run sample transactions and review the formatting, submitting any changes to Fiscal Services. After the manager has approved the final site, the site is moved into production and available for public use.

What are the available payment types?

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are always accepted by CashNet.

ACH: eChecks can only be used where the user is authenticated via myCI prior to reaching the eMarketplace site

How should the department request that refunds be made from eMarket sites?

When a good or service is purchased via eMarket, the refund should be requested by the primary or secondary contact listed on the CSU Channel Islands eMarket Request form to refunds@csuci.edu and includes e-mailed approval from the manager listed on the eMarket request, the transaction date, the CashNet receipt number and the amount of the refund.

How will requests for new sites be prioritized?

Requests for new sites will be created on a first come, first serve basis.

What should I do if I need to make updates to the site after it goes live?

Submit the CI eMarket Request Form located on the Fiscal Services webpage under Forms.

What is each area on campus responsible for?

eMarket Storefront Owner Responsibilities

  • Submit eMarket request in a timely manner
  • Test storefront and report any issues
  • Update Budget and Fiscal Services to any changes to the site with as much as advance notice as possible
  • Reconcile site to general ledger monthly and report any errors/problems to cashnet@csuci.edu.

Budget and Fiscal Services Responsibilities

  • Create eMarket sites as requested
  • Coordinate testing of eMarket site with storefront owner
  • Review reconciliations

Student Business Services Responsibilities:

  • Process refunds as requested by eMarket storefront owners

What will the duration of eMarket site be (limited start and end date, or ongoing?)

The duration will be what is specified on the CSU Channel Islands eMarket Request form. eMarket sites may also be closed upon request (by designated eMarket store owner) by contacting cashnet@csuci.edu or 805-437-8875

 What should I do if I require access to reports for an eMarket site?

 Complete the CashNet Security Form available on the Fiscal Services webpage under Forms.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

Please e-mail cashnet@csuci.edu.

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