CI 2025: Envisioning Our Future

An Overview and Brief to the CSU Channel Islands Site Authority Board

CSU Channel Islands (CI) stands poised for its next major phase of growth and development over the next decade. With modest growth, the enrollment of the campus will double by 2025 to approximately 11,500 (10,000 full-time equivalent students). Both recent CI enrollment demand and support from the CSU as a campus targeted for enrollment growth, serve as indicators of the need to plan for this expansion path.

To support this development, the next major capital expansion phase must be launched to adequately support the programmatic and operational needs of the campus by 2025. With the expectation that very little to no State capital funds will be authorized for new construction over the next decade, the campus must explore alternatives to support critical capital expansion. A comprehensive capital development strategy is therefore critical to allow CI to adequately meet its educational mission over the next decade.

In order to provide the services and resources to meet the University's mission, each division of the campus provided information about enrollment growth, academic planning, financial data and other pertinent information required in the development of the strategies necessary to meet the goals of the CI 2025 Plan. In addition, the campus master plan specifies established guidelines for the physical development of the campus.

The CSU Channel Islands Site Authority (SA) exists to support the core academic functions of the campus and maintains a unique relationship with it. This authority was explicitly established by legislation in order to support the development of the university and advance its educational mission. To support CI 2025, the opportunity exists for the Site Authority to continue its role in supporting the expansion of the campus through a variety of means including public/private partnership models with particular benefits.

CI seeks to move forward with a concept plan that may potentially include engaging external partners to leverage resources in new and innovative ways to benefit both the University and the CSU. In looking toward the future, we are confident that CI's growth will be nourished to serve the students of our region more effectively.

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