The CSU Channel Islands University Park is a regional educational and recreation area owned and operated by California State University Channel Islands (CI). As an extension of the academic campus, the Park embraces the mission, values and objectives of CI. The purpose of the Park is to provide educational and recreational opportunities open to all through habitat restoration activities, maintenance of open spaces, and development of ecological, cultural, and recreational facilities and programs.

Park Open Hours and Access

The Park is generally open and accessible seven days a week from sunrise to sunset with the following exceptions:

  • Access to some or all sections of the Park and its trails may be restricted as a result of a public safety concern, inclement weather, or planned events;
  • No person shall enter areas restricted or closed for restoration or research projects, or any other area, as indicated by posted signs, fences, gates, or other barriers, except through the express written permission of the University.

Parking Permit Required

  • A self-pay daily parking permit
  • A campus daily parking permit
  • A park annual parking permit
  • A campus semester or annual parking permit
  • University Glen and Mission Hills resident parking permits

General Rules and Guidelines

  • Comply and conform to established CI rules and any applicable municipal government ordinances and requirements now in force, all of which are subject to revision from time to time.
  • Observe park boundaries by staying within them and avoiding adjacent private property.
  • Stay on designated trails. Avoid trampling vegetation. Never shortcut switchbacks.
  • Do not disturb plants, animals, or habitat in the Park.
  • Pack litter out or use trash receptacles if available.

Currently Approved Recreational Activities in the Park Include

  • Hikers – Be alert and courteous. Yield to bicycles and equestrians.
  • Bicyclists – Always control your speed. Be cautious and maintain a safe distance from hikers. Use caution and yield to equestrians: stop completely as you approach equestrians from either direction; calmly announce your presence; and seek approval to proceed. Once acknowledged, pass cautiously.
  • Equestrians – Always control your steed. Exercise extreme care around other trail users.
  • Dog owners – Restrain and control pets on a leash no longer than six feet in length at all times. Pick up after your pet.

Public Use Activities Prohibited in the Park Include

  • Smoking.
  • Use of weapons, firearms, BB, pellet, and paint ball guns, bows and arrows, and slingshots unless authorized (authorized use requires that a Special Use Permit, issued by the University is carried while in the Park).
  • Fires, camping, hunting, or animal trapping.
  • Alcoholic beverages;
    • Except with a license secured through the campus Events and Facilities Committee (EFC) process.
    • Persons under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs are not allowed on CI property and are subject to citation and/or expulsion.

Access Guidelines

  • Individual members of the CI community and individual members of the general public shall have unimpeded foot and bicycle access to the trails and other designated recreation areas of the Park.
  • Members of the CI faculty shall have access to the Park for educational programming and research.
  • Members or affiliates of the California Coastal Conservancy through coordination with CI, shall have access to the Park for:
    • Native plant, wetlands, habitat, and wildlife maintenance and restoration;
    • Development and maintenance of recreation areas including trail heads, informational signage, and parking.
  • Regular group use of the Park by any organization and all non-instructional group events and activities are coordinated and administered by the CI Events and Facilities Committee (EFC) 805-437-3151, according to CI policy through a standard application process. Information is available online on the Conference Events Website
  • Motorized traffic shall be restricted within the Park through the use of locking gates and is limited to travel on well established roads. Except for official vehicles and disabled persons on single-rider electric vehicles, motor vehicles are strictly prohibited on trails or in the open space.

In case of emergency call 911 or 437-8444 to reach the CI Police Department

Please respect and maintain the park

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