Procurement maintains an inventory of some Personal Protection Supplies for immediate delivery including as follows: red biohazard waste stick-on bags, bleach, face shields, gloves (Latex, Nitril, Non-Latex, Vinyl), goggles, masks (N95, cloth, surgical), disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, disinfectant sprays, thermometers, and vehicle purified units.

If you anticipate a need for any of the above items, review our current PPE inventory  then contact your department PPE Coordinator.

  1. Go to the PPE Inventory (the link will require signing into myCI and Office 365)
  2. Review the spreadsheet and determine what items you need.
  3. Contact your department PPE Coordinator
  4. Your department PPE Coordinator will email procurement at  and specify the product description, needed quantity, date needed and where it should be delivered. We cannot deliver the product unless someone is present to accept the order.  Please also provide a contact person and phone number of the person we will be delivering the product to.

If you review the inventory and we are not offering what you need, please email procurement at Staff will work with you to order the items.

  1. If you have a source, please prepare a requisition. Please include the program code number: 
    1. Staff will review your requisition. If there is a source that provides better pricing, a recommendation will be made to procure an alternative vendor.
    2. Staff will process the Purchase Order and send the order to the vendor.
    3. Staff notify departments of expected date of delivery.
  2. If you do not have a source of the product you need, please provide clear product specifications to Staff.
    1. Staff will research vendors and will reach out to the Chancellor’s Office contact person for assistance or to leverage pricing.
    2. Staff will provide the vendor information to you.
    3. Once the vendor has been set up in PeopleSoft, please create a requisition.
    4. Staff will review your requisition, process into a Purchase Order and send the order to the vendor.
    5. Staff will let you know the expected date of delivery.

For questions send an email to Stacie Dee.

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