To obtain keys and/or access codes to campus doors, a Web Work Key/Code Item Request (IR) must be filled out and submitted to the Facilities Services Lock Shop. The designated requester needs to complete the form and, in accordance with the CSUCI Policy on Access Management and Facility Security, obtain the signature of the department manager. If a master key is requested, the designated requester must also obtain the signature of the Divisional Vice President.

Facilities Services (FS) will make every effort to process the request as quickly as possible; generally it takes 1-2 business days. During peak periods it can take 5 – 7 business days. IR’s are processed in the order they are received.

Web Work will send an email notification to the designated requester when the key or access code is ready for pick up. Please be aware of the importance of collecting keys or codes in a timely manner. We will hold keys for 14 days and if not collected within that time, they will be returned to our Lock Shop's inventory and the IR will be canceled. Subsequent charges will apply. If the keys are still required after the 14 day deadline, a new IR will need to be submitted.

Only the recipient can collect their keys or access code in person from the FS Work Center. The recipient needs to show photo identification and will be required to sign an individual key log to acknowledge receipt of each item issued to them. If the recipient relocates to another space on campus, or separates from CSUCI, all keys issued to them must be accounted for and returned to FS. The return date is noted on the key log and clearance is confirmed by our designated personnel.

View CI's Policy on Access Management and Facility Security

Please forward questions regarding key and code requests to: or browse through some frequently asked questions (FAQs) (PDF, 34.2KB) for help.

All work order requests that are lock related should be forwarded to the FS Work Center, if you require further information or assistance please contact us at ext. 8461 or via email at

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