The Department of Facilities Services (FS) ensures the safety of all the students, staff and visitors around the campus.  The FS Safety Program's focus is to reduce and eliminate the number of work related illnesses and injuries.  The Safety Office is  anticipating,  identifying,  evaluating and controlling hazards in the work place.  We want to ensure our employees are in safe conditions when performing their jobs.  The FS Safety Office complies with all the requirements from Cal OSHA, and Campus Wide Policies and Standards.  FS also obtains the appropriate permits and licenses for facility service owned equipment. Below are some of the responsibilities of the Safety Office:

Safety Programs and Tests

  • Update all safety programs
  • Online training data base
  • Respiratory Fit test in house
  • OSHA and EPA permits and procedures
  • Hearing Conservation Program
  • Shop Safety Monthly Inspection
  • Update the training video library
  • Update the safety program to meet campus wide requirements
  • Hands on fire extinguishers training for all of FS
  • Hands on heavy equipment training for all qualify operators

Safety Office PM and RM (Preventative maintenance and Routine maintenance)

  • Elevator permit annually
  • Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Permit to Operate Generators
  • Calibrate safety equipment monthly
  • Compressed pressure vessels permit
  • Fume hoods certifications
  • Daily campus safety rounds
  • Monthly visual fire sprinkler inspection
  • Inspect and audit all janitor and utilities closets
  • Daily check job sites for safety hazards and proper house keeping
  • Issue hot water work permit and confined space entry permit when needed
  • Provide fire extinguishers and fire watch for special events on campus
  • Weekly safety trainings for all FS groups
  • Monthly emergency generator inspection
  • Monthly hazmat building inspection
  • Monthly shop safety check
  • Monthly unoccupied spaces check
  • Take test samples of suspicious Asbestos and Lead contaminated materials
  • Take water testing samples for testing
  • Annually update environmental health and safety programs

Permits and other Certifications

  • Annual chemical fume hoods certification
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Campus elevator permits
  • Emergency generators Ventura County AQMD permits
  • Campus wide fire extinguishers annual update
  • Asbestos Supervisor/Inspector
  • Lead Building Inspector