California State University Channel Islands is offering a one-time Early Exit Program ("EEP"). The incentive is intended to encourage employees to voluntarily separate through a severance package. This is specific to the campus and not part of a CSU program. If you are interested in participating in the EEP, please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS (PDF, 191KB) and APPLICATION (PDF, 197KB). You will also be required to sign a separation agreement and release to participate.

Process Timeline

April 15, 2021Application period ends
April 29, 2021Deadline for First Separation Agreements
May 4, 2021Application period for Unit 3 ends
May 18, 2021Deadline for First Separation Agreements for Unit 3
May 31, 2021Final Separation Agreement submitted by employee and exit date
  1. Employee reviews application with their appropriate administrator. Appropriate administrator ensures the employee meets the eligibility requirements.
  2. The appropriate administrator determines a separation date no later than May 31, 2021 based on business continuity needs.
  3. Employee completes application form via AdobeSign or sends a completed form via email, or schedules a time to deliver to Human Resources at Lindero Hall, One University Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012.
  4. HR sends confirmation email with Separation Agreement and Release for signature.
  5. Employee has 14 calendar days to review and sign the Separation Agreement and Release.
  6. Employee signs and submits the separation agreement and release. This makes employee eligible for 80% of the calculated severance benefit.
  7. HR sends copy back to employee for their records.
  8. HR sends employee Final Release for signature and submission on their last day of employment with CSUCI. This makes employee eligible for the final 20% of the calculated severance benefit.



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