Where do I begin?

Now that you have been admitted to your CSU IP program, it’s time to get more paperwork underway. Once you receive your acceptance letter, login to your application and there will be a checklist of tasks for you to complete before your departure. It is your responsibility to complete the tasks according to the deadlines provided by CSU IP.

In addition, you will need to turn in the Sharing Your Experience Agreement (PDF, 790KB) two weeks after you have been nominated to the Study Abroad program (see below). If you have any questions please contact international@csuci.edu.

How do I get my overseas classes to count for credit at CI?

For questions regarding planning your overseas courses and the Academic Advisement Form, please refer to the Course Planning Packet-CSU IP (PDF, 3MB) .

CSU IP Contacts

CSU IP will be your primary contact with regards to pre-departure paperwork. Below you will find the appropriate emails to contact in accordance with your questions:

Financial Questions

Please email IPfinance@calstate.edu for questions regarding:

  • Student Payments
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarship
  • IP insurance
Academic Questions

Please email IPstudentaffairs@calstate.edu for questions regarding:

  • IP student application and selection process
  • Student withdrawals prior to departure

Please email IPacademics@calstate.edu for questions regarding:

  • Academic reports
  • Student withdrawals after arrival
  • Any questions on all academic related matters

CI Pre-Departure Orientation Notes