Members of the IRA Committee, Academic Year 2013-2014

Spring 2014

Kristina Cervi- Chair of the IRA Committee. Majors in Political Science and Communication with a Minor in Global Studies.

Simone Aloisio - Professor of Chemistry

Vanessa Bahena - Student Government President. Major in Communication with a Minor in Performing Arts.

Chanda Cunningham-Spence - Manager of Instructional Support & Academic Resources

Andrew Medrano - Student Assistant to Finance Committee and Budget office. Major in Business with minors in Economics & Psychology

Paul Murphy - Assistant Professor of Music

Nicole Perez.-  Resident Assistant for Santa Cruz Village. Psychology Major

Sara Sanders - Student Body Vice President. Majoring in History and Political Science.

John Slagboom- Sustainability Specialist Student Assistant at Facilities Services, president of Green Generation Club, majoring in Environmental Science & Resource Management.


Fall 2013

Kristina Cervi, Simone Aloisio, Chanda Cunningham-Spence, Mar-Kell Law, Andrew Medrano, Brent Nessel, Nicole Perez.

Mar-Kell Law - Residential Life Senator with Student Government. Business/Nonprofit Communication Major with a Minor in English.

Brent Nessel- Academic Senator in Student Government. Business and Economics Double Major, with a Minor in Social Business


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IRA Committee Meeting Materials

Spring 2014


IRA Meeting Agenda - 021814 (PDF, 59KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 022514 (PDF, 76KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 030414 (PDF, 204KB)

 IRA Meeting Agenda - 031114 (PDF, 51KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 031814 (PDF, 49K)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 040114 (PDF, 50KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 040814 (PDF, 41KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 041514 (PDF, 41KB)



 IRA Meeting Minutes- 021814 (PDF,97KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 022514 (PDF,79KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 030414 (PDF, 72KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 031114 (PDF, 63KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 031814 (PDF, 48KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 040114 (PDF, 45KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 040814 (PDF, 46KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 041514

Fall 2013


IRA Meeting Agenda - 091713 (PDF, 76KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 100113 (PDF, 46KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 100813 (PDF, 45KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 101513 (PDF, 43KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 102213 (PDF, 60KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 102913 (PDF, 61KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda - 110513 (PDF, 61KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda -- 111213 (PDF, 60KB)

IRA Meeting Agenda -- 111913 (PDF, 61KB)

Unless otherwise indicated, the agenda for October - December 2013 is to review and vote on current IRA proposals.


IRA Meeting Minutes - 091713 (PDF, 107KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 100113 (PDF, 67KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 100813 (PDF, 66KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 101513  (PDF, 102KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 102213 (PDF, 122KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 102913 (PDF, 97KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 110513 (PDF, 95KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 111213 (PDF, 101KB)

IRA Meeting Minutes - 111913 (PDF, 101KB)

 IRA Meeting Minutes - 112613 (PDF, 104KB)