Dolphin Pod

OverviewDolphin Pod, powered by Google G Suite for Education, is a suite of messaging, collaboration and document creation tools for students at CI. Dolphin Pod is hosted by Google on their own servers.
Available ToStudents, Employees (excluding Dolphin Email)

Use Dolphin Email in Dolphin Pod to communicate with faculty and students at CI (Dolphin Email is available for students only).
Use CI Docs in Dolphin Pod to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms through your web browser, without installing additional software.
Use Drive in Dolphin Pod to upload and store other types of files, and view or download them from anywhere, including on mobile devices
Unlimited storage space per user

Key Features

Flexible, powerful access to email
Fast, easy collaboration with other Dolphin Pod users.
Real-time, collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations
Powerful sharing controls, to enable view or edit access to individuals or large groups
View and edit documents on your mobile device.


The Google Chrome web browser is tightly integrated with other Google products, and is recommended for use with Dolphin Pod. Other browsers, including Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer, typically will work. View Google's list of supported browsers.

A Dolphin Name and Dolphin Password are required to access Dolphin Pod.

Don't store sensitive or confidential information in Dolphin Pod. For more information, read the best practices for data security in Dolphin Pod.

CostNo charge
Getting StartedLog on to myCI and click the "CI Docs" or "Dolphin Email" link
Learn more about Dolphin Email
Learn more about CI Docs
Read the best practices for data security in Dolphin Pod.
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