Migration Tip: You can access your email during and after migration via the "Webmail" link in myCI. If you receive a "Something went wrong" error in Webmail, clear your browser cache and try again, or try a different browser. 

CSUCI is migrating from on-premise Exchange email to Exchange Online on Microsoft Azure. 

July 20, 2017: The Division of Technology & Innovation (ITS) is excited to announce that the University will migrate its employee email platform to Exchange Online, powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud

Benefits of Exchange Online

  1. Anytime, anywhere access to faculty & staff email
  2. You can continue to use Outlook desktop client for Windows & Mac, and continues to work with iOS and Android email clients. 
  3. Larger mailbox size (50GB) 
  4. High reliability & availability of faculty & staff email even in the event of damage to our campus data center
  5. Improved security

Impact for the campus

For most users, the migration to Exchange Online will have little to no impact. Most users will be able to continue to use with current Microsoft Outlook desktop client (some users of older version of Outlook, Windows or Mac operating systems may be required to upgrade.)

Access to campus webmail via myCI will continue to function as normal, and migrated users will be directed to a familiar and updated Microsoft webmail interface. For those of you that use Microsoft Hotmail, the new Outlook Web Access user interface will look very familiar. Visit the Microsoft Outlook Web App support site for more information about the new web user interface.  

Implementation Schedule

ITS has successfully piloted Exchange Online Migration with several groups of users and will now begin migrating all remaining faculty, staff and student assistant accounts beginning on  Monday, August 7, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. 

Batch migration of accounts

The migration and will occur in batches of ~500 mailboxes per day over the course of about 10 business days starting on August 7, 2017. Each batch will begin at 7:00 p.m. and run until 4:00 a.m.  The batch groupings and their migration dates can be viewed in Exchange Online Migration Schedule (myCI login is required to view).

View the Migration Schedule (myCI login required)

During the migration, ITS support technicians will be available to help answer questions and resolve issues. Email account holders should check the Exchange Online Migration Schedule (myCI login is required to view) to determine approximately which date their account will be migrated. 

Need Help?

Please remember – You should be able to immediately access your mailbox using the "Webmail" link in myCI, regardless of your migration status.

Troubleshooting tips –

1.  Webmail on myCI page – Clear your browser cache or use a different browser Clearing Cache on different browsers

2.  Outlook App on Windows –  Please follow the instructions using this button Troubleshooting Outlook App on Windows

3.  Mail on Mac OS -  Please follow the instructions using this button
Troubleshooting Mac Mail

4.  Mail on iPhone and Android phone  - Please follow the instructions using this button
Troubleshooting Mail App on Smartphones  

5. For additional information and frequently asked questions (FAQ)
View the Exchange Migration FAQ

Please contact the ITS Help Desk by phone at 805-437-8552 or visit IT Solution Center. (Tip: you can access your email during and after migration via the "Webmail" link in myCI.)


Please contact project manager Asha Ramachandra at asha.ramachandra@csuci.edu with any questions or concerns about this migration project.