About the Campus Computer Inventory

Updated: 2016-07-08


In 2011, Information Technology Services (ITS)  built and deployed a web-based campus computer inventory, and completed a comprehensive physical inventory of campus computers. ITS now regularly conducts a campus-wide physical computer inventory. 

Why is a physical inventory being performed?

The inventory is being performed to enable strategic decision making for our computer refresh program, and to help ensure that ownership records are up-to-date for over 5,000 identified University-owned computers, including desktops, laptops and mobile devices such as iPads.

Upon completion of the physical inventory, any University-owned computers or devices which do not exist in the inventory and are not physically verified by ITS staff may be ineligible for future computer refresh cycles, so your cooperation in the verification process is appreciated.

How will the inventory be conducted?

ITS staff will require physical access to campus office, classroom, lab and shared space to inventory University-owned computers. ITS will coordinate access to those spaces with their occupants, or in their absence, with the corresponding department/program/unit administrators or their designees.

When will the inventory take place?

The inventory will begin upon notification to the campus community, and continue until all computers are verified. ITS will make its best efforts to minimize the inconvenience of this inventory; a more detailed building/location schedule is forthcoming, and will be made available here. If there are specific dates/times for which access will be inconvenient or impossible for access to computers in your area, please contact Carlos Miranda at carlos.miranda@csuci.edu or call 805-437-3919 to make other arrangements.

How long will it take?

Verification of each computer (or mobile device) should only take about 5 minutes per device; computers will need to be powered on (and possibly re-started) in order to complete the verification.

What about old computers that are no longer in use?

Computers which are no longer in use should also be made available to ITS staff for verification period, will be marked for decommission at that time in the inventory. They will be retrieved at a later date for removal and decommission.

I have a University-owned computer or mobile device (such as an iPad) which I use at home. Do I need to bring it in?

Yes! We kindly request that users who have home use permits for computers, laptops or mobile devices please bring them in for verification during the inventory period; as mentioned previously, a schedule for dates for specific campus locations is forthcoming. Users with home use permits may also bring the device in to the ITS Help Desk in Broome Library for verification at any time during the inventory period, during regular business hours.

I have more questions about the inventory, who should I contact?

Feel free to contact inventory administrator Carlos Miranda, Manager of User Services at carlos.miranda@csuci.edu or call 805-437-3919.