Check Your Info in the Phone Corporate Directory

  1. On your Cisco IP Phone, press the "Directories" button
    Cisco IP Phone, Directories button (upper-right button in group of 4)
  2. Press the number 4 on the key pad to select "Corporate Directory"
    Corporate Directory menu item selected
  3. Type in your first or last name. (Use the up/down arrow button to move cursor to the "Last Name" field.)
    Search by typing in name characters using numeric keypad
  4. Press the "Search" button (leftmost button directly underneath the display)
    Search button, 1st button on left directly under display
  5. Move through the list and find your name
  6. Check to see if your name and extension number are listed correctly
  7. Press the Exit button twice when you are done to return to the normal display screen.
    Exit button, 2nd from right directly under display

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