BP.00.010 - Business Practice for Management Review of DASS

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Table of Contents

History [top]

  • Business Practice Number: BP.00.010
  • Version: 1
  • Drafted By: Peter Mosinskis
  • Approved By: Michael Berman
  • Approval Date: 11/30/2011
  • Latest Revision Date: 11/13/2012

Purpose [top]

Require campus management review of the Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan (DASS) to assure DASS priorities align with campus needs.

Background [top]

Information Technology Services (ITS) has created an IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DASS) to minimize the operational and financial impact of a disaster upon the division’s IT services and to return access to campus systems in a timely manner. In the event of a disaster, this plan will establish a chain of command that will set in motion a number of activities to be performed by pre-assigned staff members. This plan should be reviewed and approved by senior campus management on an annual basis to assure that the priorities assigned by the plan are consistent with campus needs.

Business Practice [top]

Accountability [top]

The VP for Information Technology Services and ITS managers

Applicability [top]

The DASS that is currently in force for the campus

Definition(s) [top]

  1. DASS: IT Disaster Recovery Plan
  2. Campus Management: Cabinet Members (Vice President for Finance & Administration; Vice President/Provost; Vice President for Student Affairs; President’s Chief of Staff)
  3. VP ITS: Vice President for Information Technology Services

Text [top]

The VP ITS will provide, in writing, a copy of the current DASS to the Cabinet Members. Each member will review and approve, or offer comments that will be incorporated into the DASS at the discretion of the VP ITS. The revised plan will be approved in writing by the Cabinet Members with approvals filed in the VP ITS’s office. Such review will be conducted annually or whenever the DASS is updated.

Exhibit(s) [top]

Assessment History [top]

DescriptionFrequencyRole Assigned
Review of DASS                            Annual             Director of IT Strategy