Getting Started

Find a location to print

Main printing locations:

  • Broome Library 1350
  • Bell Tower – Mission Lounge
  • El Dorado Hall – main hall
  • Sierra Hall – 1st and 2nd floor foyer
  • Student Union – 2nd floor (Temporarily Removed)

To print from a CI campus computer:

  1. Print your document to the print queues:
    • Pharos HP Printer - CI
    • Pharos HP Printer - Guest
  2. Press the “Print Release” button on the printer display.
  3. Swipe your “DolphinOne” CI card or “DolphinOne” CI guest card.
  4. Select “Charge to Personal Account” and “OK”
    NOTE:For Staff/Faculty, select your “Cost Center” and “OK”
  5. Choose your print job on the display. Click “Print” to print one item, or “Print All” to print all.
  6. Press the “Home” icon to return to the home screen, the press “Sign Out”

To print in color from a CI campus computer:

  1. Open Start menu.
  2. Open Devices and Printers.
  3. Right click on:
    • Pharos HP Printer – CI
    • Pharos HP Printer – Guest
  4. Select Printer Preferences
  5. From the “Color” tab, uncheck “Print to Grayscale” and “OK”
  6. Print document

Printing Cheat Sheets for Students & Employees

View printing cheat sheets (in PDF format, 1MB) (Download Adobe Acrobat to view)

Mobile Printing Instructions

View instructions for mobile printing

Printing and Copying FAQ

How much does it cost to print or copy?

  • Black & White printing is $0.05 per side
  • Color printing is $0.30 per side

Will it cost me to scan my document and be sent to my email?

  • No, you can scan your document and send it to your email – simply by selecting Email, entering your email, and selecting send on the print release stations.

Why can I not print my document in color?

How long will my print job stay in the print queue?

  • If your print job is not printed within a 2 hour period, it will automatically be deleted from the print queue.

What is the difference between Print and Print All at the print release stations?

  • Print releases the selected job and Print All releases all jobs in your print queue.

How do I print from my mobile phone, tablet or laptop?

Where do I buy a CI Guest card for printing and copying?

  • CI Guest cards are available for purchase at any of these DOCK Stations:
    • Broome Library 1350
    • Sage Hall (just outside of Student Business Services)

Where can I add funds or check my balance for my printing and copying account?

  • Students and employees can visit any of the DOCK Station locations or via DOCK Online through your myCI account. Guests will need to visit a DOCK Stations to view or add funds.

Who can I contact if I need further assistance with printing or copying?

I need help with my DolphinOne Card

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