What are web applications?

A web application is any software accessed by a web browser via the Internet or a World Wide Web to perform a specific action, calculation or function.

Examples of web applications are:

  • A web form that emails form contents to an email address or stores web content in a database
  • A web page that displays data contained in a database
  • A web page that writes data from a database
  • A web survey
  • A web browser-based calculator
  • A banner image that automatically rotates when you refresh a page
  • The CI Events Calendar

How long will it take you to develop my web application?

It depends. Development time will vary based on several factors, including:

  • the scope of your web application and its specifications
  • the complexity of the application, including how many and what other applications it might integrate with (e.g., integration with PeopleSoft)
  • the resources and time available to complete your project (e.g., how much staff time is available from Web Services and from other project partners)
  • the extent to which the application specifications change during the course of the project ("scope creep")

Due to the scarcity of existing resources, we recommend 6 months of lead time from project request to required deadline as a guideline. It is very unlikely that Web Services can complete any web application project request without a minimum 6 weeks of lead time, although rare exceptions and special circumstances may exist.

How do I get started working with Web Services to build a web application for me?

  1. Submit a brief summary of your request to the Help Desk via email at helpdesk@csuci.edu.
  2. Your request will be assigned a work order number within the Help Desk ticket system.
  3. A member of Web Services or the Information Technology management team will be in contact with you within 5 business days to obtain project information in more detail.
  4. Once your request is reviewed and approved by Web Services and Information Technology, it will be prioritized and added to the ongoing list of active Web Services projects.

Data Requirements

Web application developers must ensure that confidential or sensitive data which is gathered, used or stored is compliant with FERPA and all federal, state and local privacy laws, and is handled in a secure manner as defined by applicable laws and policies. Please review IT Policies and Procedures, and contact Web Services with questions about other data requirements for web applications.

Supported Databases

Web Services supports web applications which interface to the following databases:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL

Supported Programming Languages

Web Services supports web applications written in the following languages:

  • ASP
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • PHP


Please contact Web Services with any questions about web application development.

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