Primary University Web colors

  • Red: #cb132a or RGB (203, 19, 42) - Closest visual equiv. to print PMS 186
  • Silver: #999999 or RGB (153, 153, 153)

Screenshot of University red and grey


Font Families

  • Sans Serif: Prenton
  • Serif: Chaparral Pro

Font  Sizes

Font sizes should be set using relative measurements (in REM, EM or percentage units).
Font size must be adjustable by a visitor's Web browser; fixed font sizing is not permitted.

In general, the default size set by the Web browser (16 point) for paragraph text is the recommended minimum size.

Font Styles & Formatting (bold, italic and underline)

Bold (<strong>) and italics (<em>) formatting should be used to apply emphasis.
Bold and italic formatting should be used sparingly; typically no more than once complete sentence in any given paragraph should be formatted using bold or italic text.
Underline formatting may only be used to designate links.


<p>This service is for <em>CI students only.</em></p>

will display

This service is for CI students only.


<p>The deadline is <strong>January 2nd</strong> at 4pm.</p>

will display

The deadline is January 2nd at 4pm.

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