President Erika D. BeckWhen I arrived on campus in August, my top priority was to engage with our campus community and learn more about the people who have enabled CI’s culture and values to flourish since the time of our founding. I have spent my time immersed in campus life: attending student events, touring departments and meeting with program faculty and staff. I also have been getting to know our community partners, donors, friends and alumni. Through my conversations, I have developed a tremendous sense of pride for our collective work and its impact on our individual students, as well as their families and our entire community.

When I chat with students relaxing in the South Quad between classes or enjoying refreshments at Freudian Sip, we often engage in conversations about their CI experience. The vast majority tell me what they most appreciate and value about the University is the people. Our students recognize the extraordinary commitment that our faculty and staff have for their success inside and outside of the classroom and see CI as the place to achieve their highest aspirations. I am genuinely honored to serve as the President of such an extraordinary university community.

To say that it’s an exciting time to be at CI would be an understatement. In late August, we welcomed 2,152 incoming students to campus — the largest entering class of undergraduates in our history. We started the fall by unveiling a new extension of Islands Café and completing the Santa Rosa Village construction project, which provides 600 additional students the opportunity for on-campus living. Earlier this fall we entered into a public-private partnership with global real estate firm Kennedy Wilson, which will invest in expanding the University Glen apartments and Town Center. Its partnership is a critical step towards our University’s growth; proceeds will be used to provide initial funds for much-needed capital projects and project development.

I’m looking forward to engaging with many more students, faculty, staff and alumni over the course of the academic year as we work towards delineating our strategic priorities and planning for the future. Although I will conclude my official “listening tour” soon, I want you to know that I will never stop listening to you. You are the very heart and soul of this extraordinary University and we will only continue to achieve greater levels of success if we do so together. Of all the things I have learned about our campus since the time of my arrival, none has resonated with me more than the priority of putting people first. I look forward to the journey ahead.


Erika D. Beck

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