Linda Dullam

by Pamela Dean

CSUCI recently named a courtyard after one of its longtime and most dedicated supporters, Linda Dullam. Previously referred to as the Archives Courtyard, the newly named Dullam Courtyard sits in the southeast backside corner of the John Spoor Broome Library and is the site of many campus celebrations.

“I am so pleased we are able to honor Linda in this way,” said President Erika Beck. “She has been a champion of CSUCI for many years and was instrumental in the creation of so many of our philanthropic organizations and events. This courtyard is a beautiful reminder of her dedicated service to our campus community.”

Dullam has had an immense impact upon the University. Her involvement began more than 20 years ago when, as a vocal supporter of bringing a public university to Ventura County, she started rallying community support and fundraising for the fledgling campus. She even gave presentations at several local high schools to recruit students.

Dullam and her late husband John were the former owners of Mandalay Berry Farm in Oxnard. The energetic dynamo took an early leadership role in many important projects in support of the University including serving as an original member of the Foundation Board where her agricultural roots continue to bring an important perspective.

She helped launch, and has many times chaired, the President’s Dinner, CSUCI’s most important annual fundraising event. She helped establish the President’s Circle and create the University’s first scholarship awards. She also served on the Development Committee and Landscape and Courtyard Restoration subcommittee which helped renovate and beautify many of the campus’s courtyards in the early 2000’s.

This is not the first recognition Dullam has received in appreciation for all she has done for CSUCI. She was given the 2006 Robert J. Lagomarsino Award, one of the University’s highest honors, for her contributions and support of CSUCI and higher education.

“Thank you to my CSUCI friends for the lovely honor,” said Dullam. “It has been a true pleasure to work on behalf of this great University over the years, helping it to grow and succeed. I hope the courtyard will host many happy gatherings in the years to come. I would love to see a sign on the wall that says ‘stop wishing and start doing.’”

Indeed, that is exactly what Dullam has done for CSUCI over the past two decades.

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