Foundation Annual Report 2020-21

“We were thrilled to see a 405% increase in philanthropic donations and gift commitments this past year.”
–CSU Channel Islands Foundation Board Chair Dr. Mark Lisagor

737 Individual Donors
$20,170,347 Total dollars raised
237 Alumni Donors

Donor ImpactDonor Impact

A Unrestricted    $15,335,616
B Student Stipend sand Scholarships $2,651,647
C Academic Programs   $1,720,339
D Other Restricted   $454,864 
E Research    $7,507
F Capital Improvements   $374
Total       $20,170,347



Donor GroupsDonor Groups

A Other Organizations    $15,108,587
B Other Individuals    $2,815,191
C Corporations     $1,544,908 
D Foundations     $674,032
E Parents    $14,154
F Alumni    $13,475
Total       $20,170,347

Endowment Growth
2021 $19,808,288
2020 $15,625,255
2019 $16,049,730
2018 $15,718,002
2017 $15,136,855
Foundation Board

George Leis, Chair (2020)
Mark Lisagor, Chair (2021)
Lois Rice, Vice Chair
Christopher Meissner, Secretary
Ysabel Trinidad, Treasurer (2020)
Barbara Rex, Treasurer (2021)
Erika Beck, President (2020)
Richard Yao, Interim President (2021)
Miguel Delgado Helleseter, Faculty Representative
Patricio Ruano, Student Representative
Cheryl Broome
Charles “Chuck” Cohen
Henry Dubroff
Linda Dullam
Christine Garvey
Betsy Grether
Mark Hartley
Bill Kearney
Tom Krause
Lynda Nahra
John Notter
Lynn Pike
Irene Pinkard
Emilio Pozzi
Richard Rogers
Esther Wachtell
Jonathan Wang
Peter Wollons
Zohar Ziv

A Banner Year for Fundraising

The CSU Channel Islands Foundation had a record-breaking fiscal year in 2021 (July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021). Several multimillion-dollar gifts helped boost fundraising totals to heights never before seen in the history of CSUCI. 

“We were thrilled to see a 405% increase in philanthropic donations and gift commitments this past year,” said CSU Channel Islands Foundation Board Chair Dr. Mark Lisagor. “We are tremendously grateful to all of our donors for believing in the work that CSUCI does to improve the lives of its students through higher education and improve the communities in which our graduates serve.”

One of the most notable gifts was from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott and her husband Dan Jewett who donated $15 million to the University in recognition of its commitment to equity and inclusion, the social mobility of its students, and its overall contribution to the greater good of communities, the region and nation. This was the largest unrestricted donation the University has received to date. Representatives for Scott and Jewett informed the campus their decision to make this gift was based on data and a rigorous assessment of CSUCI’s work to reimagine higher education.

A look at foundation assets The Foundation manages CSUCI’s endowment funds with the intent of generating additional income from the philanthropic gifts given to the University.

As of June 30, 2021, the Foundation’s Endowment had a value of $19.8 million. The Endowment paid out $504,469 in 2020-2021, directly supporting academic initiatives such as the Peer Mentor Ambassador program and student research. The Foundation’s total assets at that date were $47.9 million.

Endowment Value on June 30:  $19.8 M

Cost of Academic Initiatives: $504,469

Foundation Total Assets as of June 30, 2021: $47.9 M

2021: Other highlights from the year include:

  • Gifts from Tipper Gore and the Jeff Green Family Foundation to support CSUCI’s Peer Mentor Ambassador program
  • A gift from ECMC Foundation to support transfer student success
  • An increase in annual funding of scholarships for transfer students from The Crankstart Foundation
  • A gift from the Fowler Foundation to support the Broome Library, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and peer mentoring
  • A Meissner Filtration Systems gift to establish a University endowment fund
  • Two anonymous planned gifts toward scholarships
  • The addition of Dr. Irene Pinkard, Richard Rogers and Peter Wollons to the Foundation Board, as well as Cari Shore and Beatriz Stotzer. 
  • A continuation of the agreement between CSUCI and Cottage Health to support the University’s Nursing program. 


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