On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff, we gratefully acknowledge the following donors who made gifts in support of California State University Channel Islands during 2011.

Every gift makes a difference and every donor is appreciated. Every effort has been made to post a complete and accurate list. Please report errors to the Development office at  805-437-8919.

With the support of government officials, corporations, philanthropists, community groups, and individuals, CSU Channel Islands (CI) has launched innovative academic programs that meet industry needs and prepare students with multicultural, global, and interdisciplinary perspectives. 

As partners in our educational mission our supporters are critically important to the University’s successes. Your support allows for the exploration of new concepts and transformational research that has the power to change lives, strengthen our communities, and produce results with global impact. 

We invite you to get to know our students, faculty and staff. We ask you to support CSU Channel Islands and encourage you to learn more about CI. Please contact us at 805-437-8893 or nichole.ipach@csuci.edu to find out how you can get involved.

President’s Circle Members+ ; President’s Circle Members – Five- to Nine-Years ++ ;   President’s Circle Members – Ten-Years and above +++

Gifts from Individuals 

Planned and Major Gifts

Anonymous +++

Margaret Tiplady Burgess

The Estate of Elissa Chissar

Kathy Espy

Elise and William Kearney +++

Barbara Meister +++

Doris and John Notter +



Robert Lovgren

Sandra Milken

Barbara and Herbert Rosenkrantz ++

Jane and Richard Rush +++

Karen and Peter Wollons +



Joan and Moustapha Abou-Samra +++

Terry and Grant Adamson ++

Anonymous +++

Barbara and Steven Blois

Susan and William Burgos

Keets and Hugh Cassar +

Barbara and Wayne Davey +++

Nancy and Erbie Daw

Linda and John Dullam +++

Marilyn Fordney and Alex Havasi

Leah and Hank Lacayo +++

Terri and Mark Lisagor +++

Dawn Neuman and William Goldberg +

Nancy and Carl Wesely ++


Jeanne Adams +++

Eugene Andreasen +++

Anonymous ++

Marilyn and Roger Benson ++

Crystal Bernal

Celina and Amir Biniaz ++

Celeste and Robert Bleicher ++

Nancy Chappell and 

John Borchard +++

Marguerite and Jeffrey Browne +++

Nina Butler +++

Karen Carey and Allan Cohan +

Margaret and Kevin Carey +

Renny Christopher +

Raymond Clayton +

William Cordeiro +++

Philip Cox

Diana Crothers +

Penny and Clifton Crutchfield

Jeremy Crutchfield

Heather and Milton Daily +++

Cindi and Stuart Daley +++

David DeLorenzo

Sandeep Divekar

Jennifer and Steven Elson

Vicki Engard ++

Sandra Robertson and Robert England +

Phyllis Esser

Carol and Handel Evans +++

Genevieve Evans Taylor and Curtis Taylor

Therese and Peter Eyermann ++

Karen and Glen Farr +++

Elizabeth Rothrock and Scott Frisch +

Eileen and Edward Gaiser ++

Lydia and Grant Geissman ++

Eva and Armando Gomez +

Geri and Fred Gretan ++

Elizabeth and John Grether +++

Tamara and Keith Gunther

Brooke and Philip Hampton ++

Sharon and Myron Harrison

Elizabeth Hartung-Mendiguren and Ignacio Mendiguren

Sharon and William Hillbrant ++

Carol Holder and 

John Mallinckrodt +++

Irene and Theodore Hostetler ++

Casey Houweling

Carolyn Huntsinger +++

Wilma Hutchins

Nichole and Dallas Ipach ++

Janet and John Jacobs +

Karen Jensen and Don Frazeur +

Joyce Kennedy +++

William Koneval

Edwin Lebioda +

Susan Lefevre

George Leis +

Julia Newman and Saul Lessler +++

Stella and Hillary Ling ++

Lourdes and Armando Lopez +

Norma and Mark Maidel +++

Anne and Eugene Mancini ++

Jacqueline and Albert Marley +

David Maron +

Neil Matsumori +++

Laura McAvoy and Sol Chooljian +++

Margaret Meehan and Joaquin Nunez +++

Carolyn Daily and John Menne +++

Nicki and Michael Morris +

William Mortland +++

Mimi and Dennis Muraoka +++

Jean Nesper +

Laura and Douglas Newton +

Edward Nuhfer +

Diane and Doug Off +++

Brenda and Robert Parry ++

June and Clayton Paschen ++

Louise and Neil Paton +

Anna and Fletcher Pavin +++

Samuel Povar ++

Victoria and Bruno Pozzi +++

Ann and Michael Ragen +++

Roxie Ray +++

Georgianna and Richard Regnier ++

Lynetta and John Reid ++

Eileen and Jim Rinde +

Patricia Salem +++

Jo Anne Sapp

Sue and John Saunders ++

Rita and Gregory Sawyer +++

Susan Schaefer and Hale Conklin +++

Dorothy Scott

Charlene and Robert Scudder

Lisa and Ronald Semler +

Diana and Timothy Smith ++

William and Susan Smith

Susan and Henry Stoutz +++

Stephen Stratton ++

Sheila and John Suarez ++

Jane Sweetland and Lee Edwards +++

Veronica and Edward Tagliaferri +++

Leo Tauber +++

Maggie Taylor

Louie and Richard Tejeda +++

Barbara Thorpe Cartee +++

Susan Wojcicki and Dennis Troper

Louie Valdez +

Barbara and Robert Valdez +++

Michael and Patty Velthoen

Richard Wagner +++

Joanne and Daniel Wakelee +++

Marcia and Earl Wakelee +

Kay Weaver

Patricia and Robert Westberg

Robin and Stephen Woodworth

Kathleen and Robert Wulf ++

Celina Zacarias ++

Johanna and Wilhelmus Zwinkels +++


Jaime Adame

Virgil Adams

Mel and William Adams

Cassidy Adlof

Norma Aguilar

Sapphira Aguilar

Guadalupe Aguilera

Raul Aguilera

Jose Alamillo

Ruben Alarcon

Christian Alduenda

Stacey Alexander

Donna Allen

Timothy Allen

Erin and Simone Aloisio

Leah Alvarado

Saul Anchondo

Alejandro Angel


Elizabeth Anson

Sara Araiza

Magdalena Arceo

Gabrielle Arellano

Angelica Armstrong

Katherine Armstrong

David Ashley

Janina Avecilla

Barbara and Ruben Ayala

Ealeen Bacoy

Julia Balèn

Terry Ballman and Brian Morrill

Christina Barajas

Rigoberto Barajas

Micaela Baral

Gloria Barber

Jason Barnes

Luke Barrett

Caitlin Barringer

Acela and Jorge Barron-Camacho

Coleen and Gary Barsley

Emily Bartlett

Schae Bateman

Emily Bean

Megan Becker

Blake Beckmann

Linda and Nicholas Bednarski

Andrea and Todd Beguelin

John Behjan

Mickey Belt

David Beltran

Nancy Beltran

Priscilla Beltran

Carolyn Berenson

Linda Venis and Gary Berg

Will Berg

Ann Walker and Michael Berman

Betty and Blake Berriochoa

Howard and Beth Bierman

Micaela and Charles Bilbey

Marissa Bilbey

Pamela and Christopher Bingham

Brandon Blake

Tim Blaylock

Rachel Bliss

Christopher Boettcher

Christine and Michael Boettger

Christopher Bombara

Cynthia and Mark Borchard

Aaron Botti

Noelle Boudro

Daniel Boughey

Dana and Ron Boutain

Heather Bowen

Shari Bowles Gibbons

Esther Box

John Bradley

Regina Braza

Jeffrey Brehove

Kevin Brenden

Karianne Broman

Marni Brook

Kristin Brooks

Carson Brown

Daniel Brown

Franchesca Brown

James Brown

Patty Brown and 

Robert Morgenstern

Steven Brown

Traci Brueckner

Nancy Bruhnhall

Sarah Bryan

Amanda Buckley

Noel Buena

Dove Bunkin-Thomas

Martha and William Buratto

Nancy Burdick

Jennifer Burks

Tacey and Matt Burnham

Ashley Burns

Michael A. Burnside

Catherine and Elaine Burriss

Anneka Busse

Kevin Byrne

Arielle Byron

Robert Cabral

Ruben Cabrera

Marilyn and Patrick Cahill

Jennifer Calderon

Ronika Calvaruzo

Marisol Campos

Kathleen Candish

Lillian and S Canterbury

Denise and Dennis Carriero

Brooke Carson

Shirley and Thomas Carson

Ann and Paul Carter

Kaela and Sean Casey

Geoffroi Castaneda

Michael Catalano

Robert Caudillo

Elizabeth Cervantes

Guadalupe Cervantes

Kristina Cervi

Suzanne Chadwick

Dev Chahil

Joan Chamberlain

Dawn Chandler

Kaitlyn Chapman

Kathleen Chase

Elizabeth Chatterton

Rachana Chauhan

Haydee Chavez

Meagan Chiaramonte

Angel Chitnatham

Miles A. Christensen

Breana and James Christie

Brett Cipperly

Valerie Cirino-Paez and Armand Paez

Alicia Citrin

Brad Clark

Elma and Stephen Clark

Gary Clarke

Tia and Jack Clarke

Ashley Clay

Gerald Clebanoff

Ashley Cleveland

Jerome Clifford

Gerald Cline

Spencer A. Cloud

Sheila and Donald Cluff

Erica Cohee

Helen Cohen

Jessica Cohen

Tracy Cole

Taylor Coleman

Gary and Cathie Collins

John Connor

Sally and R. J. Considine

Celina Contreras

Richard Contreras

Thomas Conway

Manuel Correia

Cara Corrigan

Mark Cortes

Jessica Cortez

Mayra Cortez

Jamie Coskun

Irina and Cris Costache

Sophia Cotsis

Joanne Coville and Steve Stewart

Katheryn and Anthony Cowans

Geraldine Cowardin

Charlotte and Michael Craven

Lorraine Crawford

Annie Crevier

Kevin Cribbs

Ellen Crusoe

Karina Cruz

Kevin Cruz

Barbara and Jack Cudmore

Maria and Migues Cuevas

Donna Turner and Bruce Culver

Lynn and Robert Cummings

Christian Cummins

Orpha Cunningham

Julie and Gary Cushing

Amanda Czarnecki

Bhanupreeti Daggupati

Manoj Dalaya

Devon M. Dally

Amanda Daly

Karla Dancy

Jordan Daniels

Michele Daniels

Kelsey Darden

Edward Dassian

Aubrey Daumann

Carole Davis

Pamela and Larry Davis

Mary and Robert Davis

Isaac Dawoodjee

Arturo de la Cerda

Harmony and Moises De La Rosa

Jason De Leon

Raquel De Los Santos

Marlene and Geoff Dean

Beverly and Larry Decker

Carrick DeHart

Dana Delahooke

Ryan DeMoss

Christopher DeRemer

Cindy and Jay Derrico

Mahendra Deshpande

Lisa DeSouza

Russell Devine

Jody Devorick

Jeff W. Di Julius

Amber Diaz

Patricia and John Distad

Sydney Dixon

Mari Dobrucki

Clyde and DeeDee Doheney

Benjamin Doktor

Caroline and Stephen Doll

Adriana Dominguez

Lynn and Michael Doner

Steven Dones

Jeffrey Donlin

Gina Dossin

Forrest Doud

Betsy Dougherty

Darlene Douglas

Dennis Downey

Maria Downey

Russell and Carol Drago

Laurel Drane

Leonard Dryer

Rudy Duarte

Jennifer and Jeff Dudley

Rebekah Dunn

Richard Duran

Richard E. Durán

Linda Easter

Amanda Eastman

Sam Eastman

Levi Eastwood

Laurie Eberst

Richard Eberst

Erich Eckley

Julie Newsome and Michael Edelstein

Janet Egiziano

Courtney Ellis

Deanne Ellison

Rachael Ellison

Frances and Ed Elson

Diana and George Enos

Anthony Escobar

Debra Espinoza

Heather Espinoza

Oleg Evgrafov

Korri Faria

Bobbi Farkas

Elysse Farnell

Silvia and Raymond Faulstich

Amanda Felix

Benjamin Felts

Martha and Bruce Feng

McKenna Fenwick

Jennifer Ogawa and Ronald Fernandez

Kayla Ferrugia

Allison Fiacco

Ria and Marc Fidler

Jennifer Fildes

Evan Filonczuk

Cheryl and John Finch

Don Finch

Mary Fink

Terri and Charles Fivash

LoLita and Michael Fletcher

Roxanne Flint

Angela Flores

Cesar Flores

Valerie Flores

Mike and Naomi Fontes

Amy Fonzo

Colleen Forest

Sherie Frame

Laurita Franklin

Judith Frazier

Gregory Friedman

Stephanie Friedman

Angelique Friend

Mindy and Tom Froelich

Marjorie Fuchs

Eder Fuentes

Miyuki and Donald Fujitani

Yasuko and Takeshi Fukumoto

D’Etta Fuller

Shayla Fuller

Emily Gahan

Cheryl and Timothy Gallagher

Esperanza Gamboa

Ashlyn Gambon

Marisela Gamez Arellano

Francisco Garcia

Georgina Garcia

Kristen Garcia

Kyle Garcia

MacKenzie Garcia

Ricardo Garcia

Tania Garcia

Cicily M. Gardea

Barbara Gardner

Clarissa and William Garlington

Kathleen and Joseph Gavenman

Keira Geary

Alex Gehr

Patti and Edward Gibbs

Josh Gibson

Stephen Gilbreath

Dorothy Giles

John Gilkerson

Susan and Gary Gillig

Lois Girsky

Jillian Glassett

Bonnie and Merrill Goldenberg

Alonzo Gonzalez

Angelica Gonzalez

Kristy Gonzalez

Randy Gonzalez

Teri Gonzalez Reichman and Jeff Reichman

Harriet Gordon

Jo-Ann Gordon

Michael Gordon

Robert Gordon

Ashok Gore

Jeff Gorell

Brooke Gould

Barbara Grabowski

Susan and David Graham

Deborah and Leo Gravelle

Steve Graves

Seth and Sally Greiner

Victor Griego

Kyle Griese

John and Rebecca Griffin

Andrea Grove and Chris Scholl

Steven Guetzoian

Laurena Guizar

Bud Gurkweitz

Vanessa Gustin

Marissa Gutierrez

Rachel Hadlock-Piltz

Heather Haigh

Gary Hall

Judith Hall

Travis Hall

Ms. Jennifer Hanavan

Kathleen and James Hannafin

G W. Hannaway

Coral Hansen

Jonathan Hansen

Loren Hansen

Liz Lepey and Poul Hanson

James Harber

Michelle and Tim Hardley

Cody Hardy

Joy Hart

Yvette Hasan

Amanda Hawes

Sarah and Matt Hawkins

Amy Heiden

Gina Hernandez

Jesse J. Hernandez

Josue Hernandez

Vanessa Hernandez

John Herrera

Carolyn and Ronald Hertel

Janice and Clarence Hibbs

Gerardo Hidalgo

Eric Higaonna

Samantha Hinde

Randolph Hinton

Emily Hipskind

Jaimie Hoffman

Marilyn and Edward Hogan

Norma Holanov

Lisa Knapp and Thomas Holden

Ronald Hood

Robin Horne

Jason and Tracie Horstman

Alexander Howard

Eric Howe

Betty Huff

Christen Huff

Samantha Huish

Ryan Hunnewell

Brian Hunot

Pauline M. Hunter

Patricia Hurtado

Cassandra Iljin

Patricia and Robert Improta

Chris In

Candace and Michael Ingram

Jacqueline and Jon Irwin

Takuya Ito

Nelson Iwai

Gail Jacobs

Ilana Jaffe

Joshua Jaime

Anam Jan

Melissa and Timothy Jarnagin

Roy Jasso

Leann Jay

James Jenkins

Jeannette Jennett

Ryan and Pricilla Jennings

Christopher Jetton

Sonia Jimenez

Walter Johnson

Bryan Jones

Janice Jones

Mattie Jones

Steven Jordan

Kyle Jorgensen

Callie and Gustavo Juarez

Maria Juarez

Tanya Juarez

Dennis Jurcak

Allison Just

Paula Jylha

Jessica Kane

Suzanne Kao

Dimitra Karacali

Fotini and Taso Karacali

Mari Karayan

Joan and Charles Karp

Andrew Keifer

Sheen Rajmaira and Sean Kelly

Cynthia Gutierrez and Daniel Keri

Olga and David Kern

Derek Kettenburg

Jennifer Keysor

Blake Kibby

Jacquelyn Kilpatrick

Gary Kinsey

Travis Kisgen

Michael Klieman

Ellen and Bill Klope

Saxon Knauss

Rachel Knight

Kevin Knowles

William Knox

Theresa Kocis

Katie-Lynn Komlos

Virginia Kosinski

Matthew Kosor

Kenneth Kossoff

Amanda Kuck

Nikhil Kulkarni

Douglas Kulper

Susan and Edward Lacey

Thomas Lagomarsino

Diana Lambert

Nathaniel Landers

Megan Lane

Alissa Larreta

Tyler Larson

Genevieve LaTurner

Maxine and Stephen LaTurner

Mary Laurence

Dana Lavenant

Allyssa Leary

Paul Leavens

Erin N. Leavitt

Danielle Lemire

Nicole A. Lemos-Phillips

Kathryn Leonard and Ghassan Sarkis

Hayle Leontieff

Leslie Lerda

Krista Mae Leung

Arthur Lewis

Derek Lewis

Frances Lewis

Lisa Lewis

Briana L. Linares

Lisa Linde

Mary and Lawrence Lindgren

Danika Lindsay

Roxane and Bobby Lino

Judith and Leonard Linton

Mary and Bill Little

Andrea Lloyd

Patrick Locacciato

Jacquelynn Lockhart

Kathy and Randolph Long

Crystal Lopez

Diana Lopez

Dinora Lopez

Dulce Carolina Lopez

Juan Lopez

Paul Lopez

Daniel and Julianna Lorenzen

Petra and Albert Lowe

Beckie Lubow

Marisol Luna

Davis Lundy

Kelly Luscombe

Beth and Robert Lyons

Lori and Alec Macdonald

Peter MacDougall

Guadalupe Macias

Katherine Macropol

Peter Madlem

Raquel Magana

Josué Magaña

Alexander Malek

Kevin Malling

Susan and Charles Malone

Pauline Malysko

Emmanuel Manasievici

Edwin Mancilla

Emily Marciel

Ashley Marietta

Kelsey Marietta

Mary Marsh

Brandie Martin

Erica and Dustin Martin

Marlyn Martin

Stephen Martin

Marilyn Martinez

Katie Mason

Stephen Mason

Ramsey Masri

Gabriella Massari

Geoffrey Matlock

Brad Matthews

Melody Grace Mattingly

Riki Maxwell

Corinne May

Marisa McAuley

Emily McCarthy

Kathy McCleery

Samantha McCool

Stacey McDonald

Michael McGarry

Karen and James McHugh

Alyssia McMorris

Stephen McMorrow

Amanda McMurray

Hayden McPherson

Sue and Edward Meagher

Jose M. Medina

Diana Mehren

Katelyn Mejia

Evangelina Mendoza

Maricela Mendoza

Rogelio Mendoza

Vanessa Mendoza

Patricia Meredith

Jesse N. Mette

Michelle Miller

Patrick Miller

Susan Milligan

Esperanza Mills

Geri-Lyn Mills

Jackie Mills

Charlene Mims

Arlene Miro

Rocio Molina

Phillip Montagna

Pamela Montana

Ashlee Montgomery

Michelle Montiel

Joan and Grant Moon

Alisa and John Moore

Kevin Moore

Ivana and Fernando Mora

Ivan Mora Armenta

Gena Morehead

Yolanda Moreno

Maria Moreno Montelongo

Edwin and Susan Morera +

Jennifer Morgan

Sean Morreale

Bethany Morris

Trevor Morris

Ashley Morrison

Peter Mosinskis

Kari Moss

Kirsten and Ryan Moss-Frye

Pamela Abbott-Mouchou and David Mouchou

Brianna Mount

Nicole Mueller

Shawn Mulchay

Kristine and Robert Muller

Curtis Munzlinger

Daniel Murphy

Joanna and Paul Murphy

Rose Myers

Vignesh Nadar

Sherrie Nagin

Jazmin Nava

Tyderyon Neal

Jonathan Neira

Doug Nelson

Keren Ness

Samantha Netzen

Carmen Nevarez and Edgar De La Cruz

Katrina Newcomb

Bruce Nichols

Kyle A. Nichols

Nicholas Nichols

Sophia Nichols

Rebecca and Thomas Nielsen

Sandra and Dave Nirenberg

Douglas Noble

Maria Nogin

Katherine Norlander

Margaux Noterman

Natalia Nowak

Calvin Nye

Deborah Oberlander

Rose Obetz

Virgilio Ocampo

Rachel Ochoa-Tafoya

Sara and Sean O’Conlon

Keri O’Connor

Lucas O’Connor

Ana Ojeda Pedraza

Hilda Olague

Melissa Olague

Dorothy and Timothy Oliver

Kristi O’Neil

Patricia O’Neil and John Neil

Marc Ong

Joanna O’Quinn

Kelly and Raymond Ornelaz

Alberto Ortiz

Beatriz Ortiz

Leticia Ortiz

Sonia Ortiz

Lynn and Timothy Osslund

Lynn and Neville Ostrick

Judith Owen

Connie Owens

Nathan Owens

Melissa Pace

Casey E. Padginton

Clay Padginton

Edward Padilla

Luz S. Padilla

Sean Padre

Vivek Pai

Veronica Palafox

Brenda Palmer

Edith Palmer

Joey Parish

Tatsiana Parker

Clive Parry

Susan Part

Bridget and Guillermo Partida

Max Patera

Valerie and Stan Patscheck

Chad Patteson

Christopher Pattuinan

Marie and Jeffrey Paul

Richard Paulson

Vanessa Paulson

Michele Payor

Michelle Pearcy

Andrea Pearson-Gottlieb

Steven Peart

Laura Pedersen

Ashley Pena

Edlyn and Damien Peña

Peggy Pence

Jared and Linda Penland

Benjamin Pereira

Araceli Perez

Jairo F. Perez

Julio Perez

Berta DePerez and Rafael Perez

John Perser

Sarah Peters

Stacy and Bob Peterson

Vance Peterson

Michele and Andrew Pettes

Eric Pham

Muriel and John Phillips

Laurian Phillips

Fred Phipps

Mayra Pina Robles

Karen Kensek and Joseph Pingree

Carl Pinkard

Janet and Patrick Pinkley

Morris Pippins

Stephanie Pizzuti

Elizabeth Bourne and Ronald Polanski

Christine Pollithy

Christine and William Popok

Juanita and Ramon Porras

Brian Porter

Mary and Phillip Potter

Kayla Potts

Michael Powers

Sergio Prado

Viviana Prado

Mary Preston

Cynthia and Richard Price

Tessa L. Pulgar

Joan Purcell

Angela Pustorino

Veronica Quintana

Juan Quintanilla

Cindy Quirino-Aguero

Anahi Quiroz

Haleh and Kamran Rabani

Lisa and Joel Racine

Cara and Timothy Rademaker

Kelpie Raftery

Anita Ramirez

Maria and Glafiro Ramirez

Paola Ramirez

Anabell and Francisco Ramos

Krystal-Rose Ramos

Mason Randall

Liza Rasmussen

Millicent and Warren Rathbun

Carrie and Scott Rawles

Ronald Raymond

Julie Reed

Karen Reed

Stephen Rein

Melissa Remotti

Ginger Reyes

Maritona A. Reyes

Martha Reyes

Mary Reyes

Eduardo Reynoso

Lela Rhodes

Toni Rice

Patricia-Richards-Dodds and Thomas Dodds

Darlene Rideaux

Carmeania Rideaux-Coble

Jordan Rigberg

Christopher Ringor

Alex Rivera

Race Rizzuti

Michael Roa

Joan Roberts

Lisette Robles

Marcia Rocha

Pamela and Neil Rocklin

Cynthia Rodriguez

Jessica Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

Rosa Rodriguez

Zulma Rodriguez

Mailene Rodriguez Jimenez

Oscar Rodriguez Lupercio

Bruce Rokos

Anita Roll

Anthony Romero

Danny Romero

Elsa Romero

Leticia Romero

Maricela Romero

Alice and Paul Romero

Mary Anne and Tom Rooney

Veronica Rosella

Mary Beth Roselli

Jared Rosenthal

Alexandra Roth

Elizabeth and Timothy Rubalcava

Kylie Ruehl

Olivia Ruhland

Erica Ruiz

Jonathan Ruiz

Susan Russo

Maria and Armando Ruvalcaba

Regina Ryzl

J Sachen

Cristina Salas

Cathryn and Michael Saliba

David and Ellie Salter

Channa Samarasena

Tetyana Samoylenko

Francesca Sanchez

Maria Sanchez

Patricia Sanchez

Ericka Sanchez Murillo

Kimberly and Charles Sandlin

Laura Sandoval

Michelle and Sal Sandoval

Jorge Santana

Edith and Salvatore Santangelo

Vanessa Sargent

Justin Sasada

Colin Sasaki

Laura and Mark Satterberg

Margarita and Shane Saunders

James Schaper

Calyx M. Schentrup

Hannah Schiff

Krista Schipp

Lauren Schloss

Nicole Schloss

Peter Schmidt

Bettina Schmock

Terry and Merlin Schonhoff

Matthew Schrupp

Linda Schwartz

Jennifer Schweisinger

Charlene and Albert Sciamanna

Jillian Scism

Loretta and Jerry Scott

Joshua Seale

David Seery

Karen and Joseph Seiberlich

Elizabeth Seitzer

Brook Sell

Linda O’Hirok and Mark Sellers

Donna Seltzer

Aurelia Serb

Monica Shaner

Gay Lynn Shapiro

Caitlin Shay

Catherine and Mel Sheeler

Richard Shipley

Aarti Shrivastava

Taylene Shuster

Andrew Sikula

Jessica Siles

Cassandra Silic

Lorena Silva

Samantha Silver

Lloyd Silverstein

Farrah Silverstein-Weiss

Katlyn Simber

Marriette and Nick Simoni

Jacklyn Simonson

Gregory Skaggs

Jessie Skizewski

Olivia Skrimstad

Corey P. Sloane

Bernardine Smith

David Smith

Howard Smith

Joshua Smith

Kellen Smith

Michelle Smith

Patrick Snyder

Jennifer Sohler

Hyekyung Son

Ilene Soto

Joseph Sousa

Vanessa Sousa

Paul Southerland

Dolores Souza

Neal Spearman

Brittany Sproul

Shawn Staton

Julianna C. Steinbergs

Carlie Steiner

Robert Stellwagen

Pamela and Richard Still

Anne and Steve Stimac

Rachel Stimac

Joanne Stone

Elizabeth Strandstra

James Strange

Rebecca Strawbridge

JoAnn Stuermer

Robert Sturgeon

Susanna Sukiasyan

Janel and Ken Suliga

Elaine and Robert Sweet

Matthew Sweetman

Roberta and Aron Swerdlin

Robert Tabor

Carolyn Tate

Maria Tauber

Harold Taves

Elnora Tayag

Evelyn Taylor

Trisha Taylor

Devon Terminello

Brenda and Doug Terzian

Maria Thayer

Elizabeth Tiberi

Michael and Amanda Tillman

Joshua Tirado

Christian Title

Lourdes and Jose Tlaxcuapan

Jasmine Toache

Josephine Toboco

Heather Todd

Jane Tolmach

Kevin Tolsma

Mackenzie Tolson

Elizabeth Tousignant

Matthew Trafecanty

Charles Tran

Minh Tran

Dennis Travis

Shannon Trefts

Alanna Trejo

Kathy and Anthony Trembley

Paul Trevino

Ysabel Trinidad

Diana Troik and Art Shaffman

Cynnie Troup

Jerry Trudell

Carolyn and Ellsworth Tulberg

Alisha Tumin

Pieter G. Turley

Patty and Bob Turnage

Judith Turner

Diana Turrubiartes

Joshua Underwood

Nita and Ashish Vaidya

Annel Valdez

Jose A. Valladolid

Matthew M. Van Scoyk

Nancy Van Volkinburg

Heather Van Vorst

Loren Vanderhorck

Diana Varela

Marina Varela

Lawrence Vasquez

Bianca Vega

Kimberly Vega

Marisa Vega

Sandra Vega

Eden Velasquez

Rachel Velez

Brittni Veliz

Victor Veloz

Sasha Vickery

Vicki Vierra

Ashley N. Vigil

Paolo Villagomez

Jacinto Villasenor

Mayra Villasenor

Ernest Villegas

Noheli Viramontes

Panda and Kevin Volkan

Rachel Waddell

Josh and Jillian Wade

Tyler Wade

Patricia and Robert Wagner

Ashley Wahlund

Charlotte and Roger Wakenhut

George Walden

Austin Walker

Dana Walker

Steven Wallock

Christopher Walsh

Sheryl and Marvin Walters

Marysia Wancewicz

Ching-Hua Wang and Nian-Sheng Huang ++

Caroline Wanjiru

Kristina Ward

Debra Warnacutt

Laurie and Gary Wartik

Janet and Harold Wasserman

Rusty Watson

Nancy and Thomas Watson

Kim Watters

Kathleen and Donald Waunch

Laura Webb

Dianne Wei

Stan Weisel

Jennifer Wells

Patrcia Wells-Turnage

Debby West

Melissa S. Whitacre

Walter Wilke

Jevon Wilkes

Nicholas Willhite

Christopher Williams

Das Williams

Beth Williams

David Winston

Kayla Winter

Cynthia and Marc Wolfsohn

Marsha and Fred Wolinsky

Andrew Wondra

Ben Michael Wondra

Mildred Wong

Douglas Wood

Pamela Wood

Laura Worden

Tanya Yancheson

Bianca and Glenn Yarber

Richard Yelen

Jose Yniguez

Beverly Young

Trevor Yslas

John Yudelson

Ginamarie Zacarias

Akbar Zaki

Alejandra Zamora

Robert Zaragoza

Martha Zavala

Sofia Zavala

Diane and Edward Zeamba

Rachel Zlotnik

Olivia Zolfaghari

Mayra A. Zuniga

Kaylie and David Zych


Gifts from Businesses and Organizations 

Major Gifts

American Association of  University Women

Amgen, Inc.

Cottage Health System

The Kissel Company, Inc.

Martin V. and Martha K. Smith Foundation


Sage Publications, Inc.

Southern California Gas Company +

Union Bank

Wells Fargo Bank



Aera Energy LLC +

Airborne Technologies, Inc. ++

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Harrison Industries

Healthstat, Inc. +

Limoneira Company

Montecito Bank & Trust

Morgan Stanley

Wesely-Thomas Enterprises, Inc.



Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

County Schools Federal Credit Union +

Follett Higher Education Group

Freska Produce International, LLC

Google, Inc.

Havasi Wilderness Foundation

Leavens Ranches ++

Valley Industrial Properties, Inc.

Wells Fargo Foundation




Amgen Foundation

Bank of America

BP Innovations


Camarillo Chamber of Commerce

Canterbury Consulting

City National Bank

Curb Records

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Dole Food Company, Inc.


Fishman, Block & Diamond, LLP

FoodShare, Inc.

Franklin Templeton Giving Fund

Gordon Ross Medical Foundation

Heritage Oaks Bancorp

Jewish Labor Committee

Kearney Family Fund

Lewis Greenwood Foundation


Meissner Filtration Products, Inc. +++

Metropolitan Water District

Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP

National Philanthropic Trust

Ojai Oil Company  +++

OnRamp Communications

Pacific Oaks Federal Credit Union

Pinkerton Ranch

Porterville Citrus, Inc.


Sequoia R. Slentz Presents

Serra Canyon Company, Inc

Sheeler Moving and Storage, Inc. ++

St. John’s Regional Medical Center

TOLD Corporation ++

Umina Brothers

United Way of Ventura County

Verizon, Inc.

Wasserman, Comden, Casselman & Esensten, LLP

Zzyzx Foundation, Inc



1st NationWide Resources 

Group, Inc.

The Abundant Table

AKT Group, LLP

American Library Association

Arnold LaRochelle Mathews VanConas & Zirbel LLP

Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc

Bar/Scan, Inc.

The Boeing Gift Matching Program

CAD Design

California Lutheran University

CBC Federal Credit Union

Child Development Resources of Ventura County, Inc.

City of Camarillo

City of Oxnard

City of Thousand Oaks

Coastal Embroidery, Inc.

Congress of California Seniors

County Commerce Bank

Courtyard by Marriott

CSU Northridge Foundation

Eggs “N” Things

FDSI Logistics

Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP

Ferro Interior Design

First California Bank

Gateway Science & Engineering, Inc.

Gibbs International Trucks Inc.

Heritage Capital Strategies, Inc

Houweling’s Tomatoes

Hunot Retardant Company

International Strategic Operations

Jackson, DeMarco, Tidus & Peckenpaugh

Maron Computer Services

Mission Wealth Management, LLC

NAI Capital Commercial

Oxnard Federation of Teachers and School Employees

P.E.C. Marketing, Inc.

Pacific Western Bank

Party Pleasers

Patty Brown Public Relations & Special Events

Penfield & Smith

Port of Hueneme


Republic Services of Oxnard

Roadrunner Shuttle & Limousine Service

Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects

Sacramento Archeological Society

University Corporation CSU Monterey Bay

V3 Corporation

Ventura County Community Foundation

Ventura Rentals

Ventura Unified School District



$100,000 and above

The Bernard Osher Foundation

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Martin V. and Martha K. Smith Foundation

Southern California Edison



The California Wellness Foundation

Ventura County Community Foundation

Heising-Simons Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc

Limoneira Foundation +


City of Thousand Oaks


Jose Alamillo

Lupe Anguiano

Bandits’ Grill & Bar

Linda Guajardo and Frank Barajas

Rebecca and Carl Barlow

Michael Blodgett

Kathleen Booth

John Brandwood

Bread Basket Cake Company

Brent’s Deli & Restaurant

Dean Brierly

Jon Brooks

Cheryl and John Broome +++

Cambria Estate Winery & Vineyard

Karen Carey and Allan Cohan +

Alice and Paul Carlson

Renny Christopher +

Circle Bar B Guest Ranch Resort, Inc

Citrus Classic Balloon Festival

Coastal Embroidery, Inc.

Lorraine Curry

Cindi and Stuart Daley +++

Barbara and Wayne Davey +++

Theadora Davitt-Cornyn

Beatrice de Oca

Diversified Minerals Inc.

Monica Dougan

Margaret Driscoll

Julie Newsome and 

Michael Edelstein

Carole Ferrari

Fresh and Fabulous Cafe

Fruit Growers Supply Company

Nancy Covarrubias Gill and William Gill

Green Thumb International

Green Thumb Nursery

Gull Wings Children’s Museum

Gymboree Play and Music

Halper Fine Art

Elizabeth Hartung-Mendiguren and Ignacio Mendiguren +

House of Dance

Houweling’s Tomatoes

Robert Johnson

Nan Kane

Jacquelyn Kilpatrick

KO Studios

Las Posas Country Club

Le Vigne Winery

Len and Judy Linton Family Foundation

Life Gear

Janet Lindquist

Duan Mackenzie

Malibu Family Wines

Carola Matera

MB2 Raceway

Andrew Morris

Mimi and Dennis Muraoka +++

Dr. Sunghee Nam

National Park Service

New West Symphony

Carolynn and John Nicholson

Olio e Limone Ristorante & Olio Pizzeria

Ottavio’s Italian Restaurant

Pacific Coast Business Times ++

Patricia and Alan Pasternak

Ric’s Restaurant & Sports Lounge

Bessie Ridley

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Roadrunner Shuttle & Limousine Service

Rubicon Theatre Company

Robert Sarkis

Jacqueline Sherman

Southland Sod Farms

Christopher Sutton

Suzanne’s Cusine

David Sweet

Trader Joe’s

Underwood Farms

Frank Valenzuela

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department

Ventura Harbor Comedy Club

Veritas Prep

Rebekah Walker

Hartmut Walter

Shannan Waterman

Westlake Golf Course

Westlake Village Inn

Carolyn Yatomi

Joby Yobe

Yolanda’s Mexican Cafe, Inc.

Diane and Edward Zeamba

Eric Ziegler

President’s Circle Members+
President’s Circle Members – Five- to Nine-Years ++
President’s Circle Members – Ten-Years and above +++
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