Our future is bright

President Richard Rush

Even though we are only halfway through 2015, your University has reached many milestones that I am proud to share with you. The University recently graduated more than 2,000 students—our biggest class yet—and celebrated over 10,000 CI alumni. Our graduates join the CSU’s “Class of 3 Million,” the number of alumni from the 23 campuses in the CSU system.

The University Strategic Plan for 2015–2020 guides us as we celebrate each milestone. The University’s Strategic Plan Steering Committee developed three student-centered priorities to help our campus meet the demands of the 21st century global market.

First, we will facilitate student success by providing University access to students who offer diverse perspectives, provide mission-driven education that prepares each student for individual success as they become contributing members of society, and provide support for student persistence toward degree completion and opportunity for timely graduation.

Next, we will hire and support high quality faculty and staff who are committed to the University’s mission and will use integrative approaches that provide community engagement, multicultural learning and international perspectives into all aspects of learning, as well as engage undergraduate and graduate students in research and creative activities.

Finally, we will build our infrastructure capacity, leverage the use of technology and seek, cultivate and steward both private and public resources to help us meet that goal. We will implement collaborative planning and accountability processes as we realize our future.

This plan is crucial as we build a university that will accommodate the 10,000-plus students we expect to enroll in 2025—twice as many as we serve now.

As you are well aware, CI is in need of additional classrooms, labs, dining and student housing facilities. As part of our future growth, we are planning for enhanced student health facilities, a wellness and recreation center, performing arts venue, conference center and an athletics program. To that end, we have conceived the CI 2025 Vision Plan, which will enable us to build our University without primary reliance on state funding.

The CI 2025 Vision Plan entails forging a variety of partnerships, including both private and public, in order to facilitate a bright future for our students and University community. We plan to develop the rest of University Glen and use the revenue generated to help alleviate debt and fund future growth. This growth is an investment in the future of our University and the region.

CI fortifies area businesses, the Naval base, schools, hospitals and a multitude of other organizations by graduating students who are prepared for jobs, which ultimately create a vibrant and dynamic community. Of special note, nearly 87 percent of our students remain in Ventura County after graduation, entering careers in nursing, science, technology, education, business or the arts just to name a few.

When I speak to others across the State, I am reminded that CI enjoys a synergistic partnership with the community that is rare. CI strengthens the community and the community strengthens CI. It is a partnership I will continue to value as the University grows into all it can, should and will be.

Sincerely yours,

Richard R. Rush

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