By Zoe Lance

The Division of Student Affairs, led by Vice President Richard Yao, has developed an interactive dashboard that helps the University community better understand the impact of campus services on student success.

The dashboard integrates institutional level data — points like student demographics, GPA and graduation rates — with division and program-specific information on how many students utilize services. This allows campus leadership to see relationships, try improvements, and make budget decisions in real time.

The data has pinpointed much of what the campus knows about the role of student services in academic success. For example, the dashboard showed that 90% of the over 700 students who used the Dolphin Pantry one semester continued to enroll, demonstrating the importance of basic needs security in academic progress. In another example, the dashboard illustrated that the Academic Peer Advisor program plays a significant role in helping first-year students improve their GPA, complete their courses and return the following academic year.

CSUCI’s hard work has put the campus at the top of a CSU systemwide data project, with the dashboard serving as a model for campuses in measuring Student Affairs programming impact on Graduation Initiative 2025.

Message from Dr. Yao

CSUCI Student Affairs Dashbord

by Zoe Lance

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