Members of the Retiree Association pose during a gathering.Members of the Retiree Association pose during a gathering.

By Marya Barlow

The CSUCI Retiree Association recently formed to help retired faculty and staff stay connected with colleagues and the University, provide social and educational opportunities, promote and protect retirees’ rights, and improve the retirement program. The association is the newest affiliate of the CSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty & Staff Association (CSU-ERFSA). CSUCI retirees can join the association by becoming a member of CSU-ERFSA at

Professor Emeritus Dan Wakelee, who serves as the association’s president, says that more than 300 CSUCI retirees are eligible to join. 

“We are trying to reach out to as many retirees as possible, let them know we’re here and that we’d love to have them come back to the campus,” Wakelee said. “I watched the campus grow from the beginning and formed a lot of strong connections to the people there. Since I retired (in 2017), I’ve lost touch with a lot of those people. For me, this is a way to remain involved and try to pick those relationships up again.”

The CSUCI Retiree Association is holding frequent events, both on- and off-campus, ranging from lectures and socials to volunteer opportunities and excursions. At “Research on Tap,” its first public event in March, which was co-sponsored by the John Spoor Broome Library, guests enjoyed presentations from Assistant Professor of Biology Hugo Tapia, Professor of Anthropology Colleen Delaney, and Anthropology Lecturer Marc Abramiuk.

For the association’s second event in April, participants headed to Santa Rosa Island Research Station for a tour, hiking and lunch. Wakelee says an annual retiree recognition event is also being planned by University Advancement for June.  In the meantime, more than 25 members of the fledgling organization are working to spread the word to their fellow retirees.

Jerry Clifford, who taught Physics and astronomy at CSUCI and still teaches in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, started a newsletter for the association. In it, he shares recent retiree news, upcoming events, and profiles of CSUCI retirees. 

“Hopefully other retirees, both staff and faculty, will appreciate the benefit of being part of our continuing CI community – with its fun and opportunities, and without the stress of work and politics,” he said.

To learn more, visit the CSU Channel Islands Retiree Association Facebook page ( or email

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