Natalie YanezNatalie Yanez | ’14 Master of Business Administration

Natalie Yanez enrolled in CSUCI’s MBA program to advance her career after a decade working in the financial sector.

“CI captured my heart from the beginning,” she said. “There was something inexplicable about its energy that made me want to be a student there.”

William P. Cordeiro, the now retired Director of the Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics, proved to be an invaluable resource. After accepting his offer to be the graduate liaison on the school’s Business Advisory Council, she expanded her professional network immensely. This enabled her to switch industries and become a government relations manager for Southern California Edison (SCE) in Ventura.

Her duties range from customer education to emergency incident management. One thing is constant — connecting with people.

“My job is all about building relationships,” Yanez said. Whether she is working with key stakeholders or local governmental officials, she is helping to bridge the gap between the public and SCE.

Above all else, Yanez encourages clients to adopt more eco-friendly habits on both large and small scales. For example, she is working to electrify local dredging and encourage electric vehicles and appliances.

“My goal is to provide a future for the generations to come.”

— Caleigh Tupy, ’23 B.A. English, Communication & Public Relations Intern
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