Ed FangEd Fang has a busy life. Still, he carves time out for something special: support for his alma mater. The 2005 alumnus took his bachelor of science degree in computer science and immediately went to work, first as a Web developer for car dealerships, then as a PeopleSoft analyst associate for the J. Paul Getty Trust.

The alumnus was born in Hong Kong but moved to this country in 1987. “One day, I went to a job fair and heard about a brand new university in Camarillo called CSUCI,” he said. “I visited the University for the first time and I knew I could make something of myself in that environment. I immediately applied and the rest is history.”

Fang says his CSUCI experience was beyond his expectations. He enjoyed his classes and involved himself with a number of activities, including computer competitions and starting the Computer Science Club.

What made his CSUCI experience special were his professors, in particular, Bill Wolfe, professor of computer science and program chair, and Peter Smith, professor of computer science. “They were there to direct me into the right direction in education and my personal life as well. They were never too tired to answer my questions.”

Today, in spite of pursuing a career in computer science, Fang spends a good deal of his time assisting the Alumni & Friends Association (A&FA). He serves on committees, including the A&FA board of directors, manages the A&FA Web site, has created an electronic alumni newsletter called The Wave, and a chat channel for communication among association committees and participates in commencement. He's also volunteered to maintain a database application for Academic Advising.

Fang has become a CSUCI ambassador. He tells most everyone he meets about the University and why it is special. And when he meets alumni he urges them to become involved.

“The University is growing rapidly and as it does so will the A&FA,” he says. “I feel that we as alumni have gained so much from this University and now it's time for us to give back as much as possible. We can pass on our experiences to current students. We can help build this campus. The sky is the limit for the University.”

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