annual celebration of excellence

The first President’s Annual Celebration of Excellence (ACE) was an eye-catching representation of 100 of the many different areas, offices and divisions that work together to effectively run California State University Channel Islands.

More than 250 members of the campus and surrounding communities attended the poster session event. Each of the areas, offices, and divisions—from Academic
Affairs to Operations, Planning & Construction—visually demonstrated their work on a large-format poster that was produced by a hand-selected team of advanced design students in the Art Program. Those students involved were Garret Allard, Lesley Daley, Taylor Marta, Rebecca McFarland, and Lauren Glick.

“Each poster contains an incredible level of refinement and subtle design decisions,” said Luke Matjas, assistant professor of art. “These students’ efforts are emblematic of this University’s service-oriented mission.”

The President’s ACE was held in conjunction with the Western Association of Colleges and Schools final visit to the CSUCI campus as part of the University’s efforts to attain WASC accreditation.


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