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Rosali Garcia
DEGREE: B.S. Biology
HONORS: Cum Laude
Member of the Inaugural Freshman Class 2003-2007
FUTURE PLANS: This year I am taking the MCAT’s and applying to medical school for fall 2008. If I’m given the opportunity to attend medical school I would like to open my own practice in Ventura County.
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: Channel Islands has been the jewel in my life the past four years and I can’t express enough how much this school has given me. Every time I think of Channel Islands I have a huge smile on my face. Channel Islands was my second family and I would like to thank every individual that has put endless time and eff ort in making this school the best. Your hard work is noticed and I thank you for making my experience extraordinary and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Roberta (Bobbe) E. Jacobs
DEGREE: B.A. Liberal Studies
FUTURE PLANS: I have applied to Pepperdine University for a teaching credential. I wish to teach elementary school, or become a professional substitute teaching for first through fifth grades.
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: I read-up on CSUCI, drove-up to see the campus and said this is perfect, this is for me, small classes and not a lot of students. Compared to any other CSU this was paradise. After attending, it really is paradise, the surroundings are beautiful, the people are great, the staff is always there to help answer questions, any questions. The students at CSUCI made it easier for an older student, such as myself (57 years old), to enjoy and feel part of the CSUCI system. At my age I felt that the professors were not going to be responsive to my thoughts/needs/questions/help, but Professor Kay Dell, performing arts lecturer, and others have shown me that at any age one can learn something new.

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Heidi Lundgren
DEGREE: B.A. Psychology
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: I liked the small classes and the accessibility of the instructors. I also have appreciated the high percentage of non-traditional students. I have made some good friends who have been supportive. We are here trying to better ourselves while working and raising a family. Our focus must be split in many directions at once, and the friends I have made while at CSUCI have made what seemed an impossible goal possible.

Marissa Allen
DEGREE: B.A. Liberal Studies
HONORS: Magna Cum Laude
Member of the Inaugural Freshman Class 2003-2007
FUTURE PLANS: I plan to go to graduate school. I have many options as I have applied to five universities and received admission to four, thus far.
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: While at CSUCI, I have had the opportunity to be a student leader. Being a student leader has allowed me to see how a university operates. I have also been able to meet many new people and change their lives as a resident assistant. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff , administration, and faculty who have helped me become the young woman I am today. It is with great gratitude that I thank everyone at this University for their support and encouragement. I realize that it is these people who make CSUCI an outstanding school.

student profile for ben gallagher

Ben Gallagher
DEGREE: B.A. English
Member of the Inaugural Freshman Class 2003-2007
FUTURE PLANS: I just hope that I will be able to give back to my community and in turn make the world at least a little better off than it was when I came into it.
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: My professors have had a huge impact on me. Their collective experience and knowledge they brought to the classroom and shared with me really opened my eyes to the opportunities that are out there. The staff and administration also make up an amazing group of people. They really want to be here and they love their jobs. It sometimes seems that being there for students isn’t really a job to them, but rather just simply what they love doing.

Lisa Mancini
DEGREE: B.A. Psychology
HONORS: Summa Cum Laude
Member of the Inaugural Freshman Class 2003-2007
FUTURE PLANS: I will be working full-time at a schizophrenia research lab at UCLA as a neuropsychological tester. In the next few years, I hope to attend graduate school to receive my Ph.D. in clinical psychology.
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: CSUCI is truly a student-centered campus, and I have been lucky enough to work with two individuals who epitomize what it means to be student-centered. Dr. Wm. Gregory Sawyer, Vice President for Student Affairs, was my public speaking professor during my first semester at Channel Islands. In spite of my shaky voice and nervous demeanor as I delivered speeches in his classroom, Dr. Sawyer had faith in my potential. Not only did he hire me as a student assistant in the Vice President’s Office for Student Affairs, he encouraged me to become president of the Gamma Beta Phi Honor and Service Society, a position I would have been too shy to consider without his guidance and support. I will always be grateful to “Doc” for pushing me to challenge myself. Also, I have to thank Kimmy Kee-Rose, associate professor of psychology. She is a professor with such passion for the field of psychology and genuine concern for her students that she was willing to hold Saturday and Sunday study sessions for our Research and Statistical Methods midterm and final. The amount of time and effort that Dr. Kee devotes to promoting the success of all of her students is immeasurable, and I can’t begin to thank her for everything she has done.

student profile of brian mcaleneyBrian McAleney
DEGREE: B.A. Psychology
FUTURE PLANS: I’m currently working at Casa Pacifica, but will soon take a month-long backpacking trip from El Salvador to Panama. When I return, I will continue my employment until my departure for the Peace Corps, tentatively scheduled for Sub-Sahara Africa in June of 2008.
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: The fondest memory I have is from the 2005/2006 Maximus Awards ceremony. I was really feeling down in the dumps, I sort of hit a major obstacle in my leadership career on campus. Jane Sweetland, dean of enrollment services, came up to me during the awards banquet and said into my ear, “It is people like you who build universities!” It was something really simple, but I always appreciated the constant support by the administration. I’m not sure if the administrators realize how inspiring they are, but they really meant the world to me.

Jessica LaRoe
DEGREE: B.S. Business Administration
Member of the Inaugural Freshman Class 2003-2007
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: My education at CSUCI was not purely academic. I learned about who I am and what I am capable of. For example, I would have never predicted that I would be one of the founding resident assistants on a campus or President of the Student Body. As a business major, it is not only important to understand the knowledge you receive in the classroom, but also to understand how to be a leader in the business world. This campus has taught me not follow the path made by others, but instead to work with a team to build a path for others to follow. I will forever be grateful for the education I have received here at Channel Islands.

student profile for robin nuessear

Robin Nuessear
DEGREE: Master’s Business Administration
HONORS: 4.0 for MBA program
Future plans: For the next several years I plan on continuing to work at the Naval Base in Port Hueneme in my current position as a Project Manager. However, my time at CSUCI has really opened up my eyes to the possibilities beyond this.
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: The professors, administrators and staff couldn’t have been nicer or more professional. What really is special about CSUCI is that although it is growing quickly you don’t feel like you are being herded through the educational process just to get you out the door with your degree. The faculty really care about making CSUCI a great place where students can become all they are capable of.

Tamara Gershater
DEGREE: B.A. English
HONORS: Cum Laude
Member of the Inaugural Freshman Class 2003-2007
FUTURE PLANS: I will be attending graduate school at the University of California Davis in the fall.
CSUCI EXPERIENCE: The English department is amazing! Julia Balen, assistant professor of English; Mary
Adler, assistant professor of English; Bradley Monsma, professor of English; Andrea Marzell, English
lecturer, and Bob Mayberry, associate professor of English, all had a lasting impact on me. I am going to
miss having such inspiring professors…because of them I feel truly prepared for graduate school.

Profile for Kristi Adame

Kristi Adame
DEGREE: B.A. Psychology
Member of the Inaugural Freshman Class 2003-2007
FUTURE PLANS: In the fall I will attend graduate school at the University of Southern California to pursue a master’s degree in social work. My long-term goal is to become a therapist as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an emphasis on families and children in either the clinical or non-profit sectors. CSUCI EXPERIENCE: It has been an enlightening and wholesome experience coupled with a quality education. The faculty and staff of CSUCI have influenced my academic success through their leadership and encouragement. The knowledge and skills I have acquired has instilled confidence and determination to make an impact in my community as well as further my academic career.

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