Firsts are frequent here -- but what's exciting is when those firsts gain momentum and begin to build a legacy. Cal State Channel Islands Alumni & Friends Association is establishing its first Chapter. It will be composed of 2006 master of business administration graduates, which -- incidentally -- was the first graduating class of CSUCI's new MBA program.

Coordinating the effort to create the Chapter is Lyndsay Maas ('06 MBA). She said the ultimate goal of the Chapter is to enhance the MBA program at CSUCI and to help faculty and students build the prestige of this young masters program.

"Earning my MBA was an important part of my career and I want to look back in 10, 20, or 30 years and see the CSUCI MBA program as one of the most distinguished MBA programs in the region. I believe an MBA Alumni Chapter will help make this a reality." explained Maas, an operations analyst at Santa Barbara Alpha Strategies.

Other alumni working to form the Chapter with Maas include fellow 2006 MBA graduates Brian Williams, Juanita Armas-Guzman and James Schwartz.

"During the next six months the Chapter will build its membership by reaching out to all of the 2006 MBA grads and soon to the class of 2007," said Tania Garcia, associate director, Alumni Relations. A mission statement and bylaws also will be developed.

"The enthusiasm of this first MBA Chapter will show others what they can do to continue to receive support from their University and what they can do to help future students," Garcia said. "We welcome other alumni who are interested in starting a chapter to contact us if they have an interest. All you need is a good alumni leader and a few members to start."

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