Faculty and staff members are broadening the ranks of the President's Circle and are among some of the new contributors to the California State University Channel Islands Foundation.

A new payroll deduction program is giving faculty and staff members an opportunity to demonstrate their support for the University by directing that an amount from their pay checks be donated to the University Foundation. The goal for the new payroll deduction program for CSUCI employees was to get 15 percent of the employees to participate, and this benchmark was achieved.

Those who contribute can choose what programs they would like to support, or they can have the University Foundation use the money where it will make the greatest impact.

The Foundation hosted a breakfast in September 2006, to explain the deduction program. Since then nearly $3,000 is contributed each month by faculty and staff members, said Marti DeLaO, director of Advancement and Foundation Operations.

“Employees were able to purchase tickets for the President's Dinner through payroll deduction, and because of this opportunity we saw a tremendous increase in faculty and staff attendance at the 2006 President's Dinner,” DeLaO said.

Membership in the President's Circle also has increased. A number of those participating in the payroll deduction program are giving $1,000 or more annually, which gives them an opportunity to be members of the President's Circle, a program recognizing donors through exclusive benefits.

Giving to the University's Foundation through payroll deduction can be set up at any time. Contact Marti DeLaO, director of Advancement and Foundation Operations, 805-437-8919.


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