CSUCI CommencementMay 8, 2018 — Former second lady of the United States Elizabeth “Tipper” Gore and Ventura County Superior Court Judge Michele Marie Castillo will speak at CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI) Commencement on May 19, 2018.

President Erika D. Beck will present Castillo with an Honorary Doctor of Laws at the 9 a.m. ceremony and at the 3 p.m. ceremony, Beck will present Gore with an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.

Castillo is the first Latina ever to be appointed to the Ventura County Superior Court. Gore is a resident of Santa Barbara who is active in causes linked to social justice.

“I really have a feeling of affinity and want to help the University. I saw the diversity of the student body and got a sense of the campus and I thought ‘This is what education is all about’,” Gore said. “It speaks to my values and what this country represents.”

Once again, CSUCI will be graduating a record number of students with 2,513 eligible to receive a degree with that number breaking down to 2,283 undergraduates, 153 Master’s and 77 Credential candidates. 

Approximately 763 students will graduate in the morning and 792 in the afternoon with 8,879 guests at the morning ceremony and 9,870 attending the afternoon ceremony for a total of 18,479 guests.

This will be Provost Geoffrey Chase’s first Commencement at CSUCI where he will preside over the ceremonies.

“I look forward to the event that marks the start of a new journey for our students as they graduate and take on new roles in the world,” Chase said. “I am also looking forward to congratulating a well-prepared, dedicated, diverse Class of 2018.”

The Class of 2018 reflects CSUCI’s dedication to a diverse, multicultural student body with undergraduates from a myriad of different backgrounds, ages, cultures, ethnicities and lifestyles.

That diversity comes in many forms, including graduating seniors who have triumphed over physical or learning disabilities to reach this academic milestone, often with a little help from their friends and family.

Graduating seniors Belén Anna Salinas, 32, and Génesis Carranza, 23, will stand together on the podium and give this year’s welcome address in Spanish.

Salinas is legally blind and says she owes much of her academic success to Carranza, who took notes for her and studied with her throughout their years at CSUCI. Theirs is a rich friendship that began when both were transferring from Oxnard College two years ago.

“We had a class together at community college and never spoke to each other until the last day of class,” Salinas said. “I said, ‘I’m transferring to CSUCI and she said ‘So am I!’ and we’re both Spanish majors. We were both from Oxnard.”

Salinas has had very low vision since birth neither of her retinas developed correctly. It has taken her a long time to pursue her dream of becoming an interpreter because of time she has had to take off for multiple surgeries and complications with her eyes.

Once she got to CSUCI, Salinas took advantage of services and materials offered by Disability Accommodations and Support Services (DASS), which provided her with large-print text and other resources.

Instructors like Associate Professor of Spanish Antonio Jiménez Jiménez, Ph.D., allowed her extra time for tests and after using a note-taker from DASS, Carranza stepped in and began taking notes for Salinas, sitting next to her during almost all of their classes and providing her support when she needed it.

“We had a lot of quizzes, so we would get together and go over the assignments and the reading,” Carranza said. “I feel like it helped both of us, because it helped me understand the reading a lot more.”

Carranza said Salinas’ encouragement helped her make a decision when she was at a crossroads.

“Toward the end of the semester, it was getting hard because I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” Carranza said. “I was just kind of stuck. Belén told me she thought I would be perfect as an orientation and mobility specialist and I knew it was what I wanted to do. It gave me a reason to go forward because I like the feeling of helping other people.”

Carranza and Salinas said it feels right that they stand together on one of the most important days of their lives to welcome their fellow seniors to their promising futures as college graduates. 



Arpit Batish

Aimee Beck

Jeannie Blanke

Brianna Bucci

Luis Jesus Cruz

Kyle Eckhart

Mohamed Faynus

Genevieve Guerra

Preeti Hadavale

Xiao Hou

Negeen Izadian

Nicholas Kaiser

Diba Kamali

Veronica Karpinski

Atherton Kniseley

Jezreel Alberto Lobos

Pranav Mathkar

Alexander Mueting

Amy Nemeth

Nicolas Palacios

Parthkumar Patel

Yesenia Pelayo

Brandon Rista

Aditi Shankar

Amandeep Sharma

Nikita Vaghasia

Santiago Valenzuela

Madhuri Vangipuram

Rachana Vengarai

Mary Vergel Rodriguez

Yogendra Verma

Cody Wolterman


Ali Al-hatrashi

Chelsea Balli

Orlando Chirikian

Izabell Karaghossian

Naomi Kobritz

Laura Milbrandt

Amanda Sassen

Oren Wilcox III


Bradley Abert

Angela Aguilar

Kevin Baroudi

Michael Brown

Alexandre Cartron

Ellen Cole

Jan Fischer-Zernin

Katharina Fischer-Zernin

Ania Gordon

Beatriz Guzman

Maryam Halimi

Steven Hartnett

Evan Jenkins

Shane Means

Jesse Moller

Morgan Moore

Khoi Nguyen Nguyen

Garrett Nishino

Olapeju Olusanya

Rushabh Pattani

Andreya Peru

Tara Petersen

Alva Quintero

Mark Ramey

Diego Rico

Jason Ritchey

Juan Rodriguez

Oscar Rodriguez

Joshua Rubin

Erik Sitko

Sarah Tadayon

Michael Ullerick

Amber Workman

Adrian Zaragoza

James Zavas


Nicholas Dolan-Stern

Mark Edwards

Joel Helling

Christopher Kuske

Steven Lancaster

Mei Chun Lo

Mark Mata

Ryan McIntyre

Janeth Moran Cervantes

Eric Nelson

Dhruv Pandya

Dharini Parvathinathan

Mitali Shah

Simrandeep Singh

Vijay Singh

Deepa Suryawanshi

Peter Sylvester

Priya Tejra

Sumanth Yaratha


Bernice Aguilar

Karin Aldridge

Steven Auclair

Neomi Basquez

Emma Battles

Jashanpreet Behniwal

Paola Bisharat

Brenda Bravo

Stephanie Bundy

Stephanie Cruz

Ashley Dasnoit

Raquel De Los Santos

Robert Dennis

Salwa Eldanaf

Guadalupe Elizarraras

Courtney Ellis

Caroline Fernandez

Jerry Fernandez

Christina Fisher

Jonathan Freking

Elisabeth Harrell

Sebastian Hunt

Erica Jimenez

Sarahi Jimenez

Tanya Juarez

Andrew Lorenzana

Kathryn Mallen

Carolina Martinez

Nidia Mejia

Blanca Mendieta

Alicia Milanowski

Maricela Morales

Chloe Negrey

Emalie Oberst

Hilda Ocampo

Rachel Ochoa Tafoya

Cori Orlando

Ruben Ortiz

Faranak Ravan

Alfredo Sanchez

Angelita Sandoval

Brigette Stevenson

Patrick Tafoya

Michael Trainor

Johnny Vasquez


Maria Baroi-Chavez

Vei Chen

Vincent Ferguson

Troy Jasso

David Lieberman

Ian McGuire

Susan Milne

Donna Murphy

Michael Roach

Jennifer Silva

Emery Stafford

Don Vo

George Walden

Barry Wise



Lauren Aguilar

Noah Barlow

Jubyanne Basa

Richard Burlingham

Janelle Burns

Adrian Castaneda

Kevin Dolan

Molly Ensminger

Dylan Friesen

Yvonne Garcia

Zachery Geist

Gina Main

Kasimira Malec

Nicholas Mills

Masayuki Morita

Michael Musson

Natalie Nordberg

Katie Pichotta

Kylie Pylman

Ana Rodriguez

Andres Rosales

Michael Ruiz-Summers

Jessica Shakely

Andrew Swinburne

Mason Toyama

Nicole Villasenor

Drew Waner

Michael Winter

Joseph Younger



Michelle Avila

Liseth Bejar

Nancy Boeck

Nayeli Carrillo Soto

Jenna Cheney

Danielle Chennault

Michelle Cooley

Dayna Davis

Katy Devorick

Evelyn Evjen

Tori Flores

Samantha Fox

Taylorr Gray

Marrianne Gunn

Tylere Hamm

Holly King

Rocio Laurel-Venegas

Veronica Manzo

Katherine Mares

Karina Martinez

Claudia Medrano

Jessica Mehle

Alyssa Meyer

Yesenia Nava

Katherine Paules

Michael Pontecorvo

Rani Ram

Andrea Ruiz

Monica Sanchez

Althea Sandrich

Rachel Smith

Rebecca West


Daniel Guzman


Manuel Alamillo

Guadalupe Becerra

Kiersty Briner

Kaylei Burns

Victoria Cerrilla-Olsen

Jeanette Dubon

Jung Sun Kim

Trevor McDermott

Derek Metz

Nicole Misewitch

Blake Selig

Cristi Thatcher

Cheyenne Turcotte

Valerie Valencia

Sarah Weinberg


+Program Honors


Patricia Armstrong

Morgan Arthur

Tyler Carpenter

Eve Clifford

Lilyan Curtis

Nicole Marie Dela Cruz

James Esparza

Daisy Gomez

Amanda Gutierrez

Justin Hahn

Samuel Hernandez

Tatiana Mijailovic

Colin Minekheim

Alex Padilla +

Kirby Porter

Emily Smith

Rachel Smithers

Teresa Stevenson

Kyle Terry

Jacqueline Torres

Brandi Ward

Lauren Wilson


Brian Clark

Raphael Hicks

Joshua Lampel

Malina Lee

Erik Leiterman

Bradley Marson

Sarah Randolph +

Timo Schulze +

Asucena Yzquierdo


Emma Akmakdjian +

Christian Alcantara

Carlos Andrade

Alejandro Arambula

Carisa Arellano

Nathan Asplund

Kendall Avery

Abel Ayala

Lorna Barimi

Steven Bartovsky

Joseph Baylen

Leon Belaustegui

Samantha Belgarde

Jennifer Benitez

Bobi Bosson +

Shane Bowers

Katie Bradford

Aaron Bray

Angelina Brusati

Michael Calvaresi

Stephanie Canlas

Leslie Cardiel

Nicholas Chavira

Eileen Comstock

Caroline Contreras

Ana-Karen Cruz-Sanchez

Michael Denton

Nicholas Di Rubio

Amelia Dickey

Sean Doll

Kaylie Duffield

Mikaela Dundore

Rebecca Easterling

Madeline Ficken

Jordan Fitch

Jessica Fowler

Matthew Fry

Adam Goldsworthy

Anjelica Gonzalez

Aaron Grace

Stephanie Grey

Sian Harrelson

Lincoln Hatfield

Delilah Hernandez

Emily Hernandez

Juancarlos Hernandez

Alexander Hillman

Mieriam Jantz

Joshua Kneeter

Wesley Kreiger

Ashley Lazaro

Stephanie Lee

Trisha Lin

Levi Loggins

Stephen Henry Lu

Gabriela Mauriz

Jessica Mavropoulos

Pamela McCormick

James McLeod

Gabriel Milne

Juan Moreno Figueroa

Julianne Musard

Annmarie Newberg

Savannah Pena

Julia Perez

Justin Perez

Daniel Powell

Gonzalo Rico Jr.

Alex Rieger

Danitza Rivera

Veronica Rockstrom

Eric Rodriguez

Melissa Rodriguez

Andrew Romo

Sylvia Rubio

Amanda Sandoval

Nicole Sayre

Katherine Scheir

Kathryn Sellin

Justin Smith

Manuel Soriano

Sergio Soto

Elizabeth Souza

Joshua Stapel

Daniel Strasswyk

Martha Swartz

David Villalobos

Karly Ward


Homaira Abasy

Anabell Aguayo

Adrienne Aguilar

Kimberly Aguilar

Vanessa Aguilar

Christian Aguilera

Paola Aguirre

Krisha Algoso

Benjamin Anderson

Francois Andrews

Sara Anis

Kristine Arechiga

Atrina Ariano

Zachary Arsi

Masoud Astani

Vicente Balmoja

Andrew Banuelos

Kindred Barnes

Sarah Bedard

Myron Bennett

Michael Bivian

Tiana Blanco

Zackery Borough

Jordan Bowen

Garrick Brazier

Caitlin Campbell

Dillon Carlson

Jamie Carlton

Elsie Casanova

Luis Castillo

Fernando Castro

Alixandria Cauthron

Christopher Chao +

Michael Chauvel

Natali Chavez

Katherine Christensen

Thomas Condiano

Gabriel Cortez

Kenneth Crisostomo

Marina Curiel

John Daly +

Jennifer Dang

Desiree De La Torre

Carime Delgado

Miguel Delgado

Amelia Delmerico

Amrita Duggal

Brandon Eckert

Catherine Egan

Sarah Eleid

Juan Enciso

Elias Espinoza

Ana Farias

Alexandra Fisher

Francesca Forner

James French

Cindy Garcia

Elizabeth Garcia

Javier Garcia

Marcela Garcia

Maritza Garcia

Abigail Garza

Rachel Gerety

Andrew Philip Gonzaga

Luke Gonzales

Jose Luis Guerrero

Lissette Gutierrez

Jayah Hasson

Kayla Higgs

William Ho

Jack Holden

Devyn Howard

Vo Huynh

Brent Jackson

Heather Jacobs

Casey Jacobsen

Shahzad Jaffer

Patricia Nicole Jamerlan

Simon Kakembo

Lacey Kapp

Allison Kegerreis

Neha Khatter

Jordan Kirby

Catherine Knowles-Staller

Stephanie Kocipak

Christian Laserna

Kimberly Lavoie

Allyssa Leary

Micaela Locacciato

Michael Loo

Andrea Lopez

Kassandra Luke

Jessica Luna

Carlos Luna Espinoza

Sara Lynn

Madison Mabry

Angela Madsen

John Mager

Nicole Mancia

Debbie Manrique

Arnel Mariano

Andrea Marquez

Stacy Marquez

Eduardo Martinez

Tomas Martinez

Andrew Martinez De Murga

Viviana Martinez Saavedra

Eyiram Mckenzie

Michelle McLaren

Kaylen Meeker

Andrea Mendez-Bye

Geoffrey Miller

Mina Moghaddami

Stephanie Montano

Susana Morales

Susana Morales

Crystal Moreira

Joshua Mytych

Farshad Nader

Phuc Nguyen

Sarah O’Connell

Cristina Ornelas

Alanna Overturf

Jacqueline Palomares

Kristine Palomares

Leomaris Pena

Jessica Perez

Leah Petlin

Lisa Pitts

Marcella Pudnos

Diana Ramirez

Julian Ramirez

Katty Ramirez

Rami Rashed

Alyssa Rasmussen

Kelsey Riley

Sean Riley

Maria Rivera

Roxana Robles

Sara Ruiz

Sara Safaee

Alexander Safian

Edgar Salazar-Perez

Thalia Saldana

Nicholas Salinas

Rudy Sanchez

Brady Sanford

James Scholl

Christiana Senger

Nicholas Sevier

Movses Shaginyan

Katlin Simons

Brianne Sloboh

Macy Smith

Jeremy Snoberger

Jessica Solis

Kathryn Spangenberg

Paul Spaur

Michelle Stanfill

Shelby Stanford

Ashley Sujata

Peter Tabor

Patrick Tait

Ryan Talbot

Jonathan Tang

Brenda Tello

Tori Thompson

Haunna Tomas

Andrea Torres

Tyler Trumbo

Colleen Ulpindo

Evan Van Blargen

Kaitlyn Verdiell

Eric Viles

Benjamin Waddell

Tracey Waters

Jared Weiss

Amanda Wilson

Tyler Yahyavi

J Sacramento Zamora

Jessica Zamora


Ramin Afshari

Austin Alender

Andy Almazan

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Andranik Amalyan

Anisa Amiri

Cooper Anderson

Clemente Arias

Dustin Ariola

David Arnold

Kenneth Arnold

Patrick Artner

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Mary Bakunas

Jennifer Ball

Nayeli Barajas

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Tyler Barrett

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Geovanny Basaldua

Brendan Beaghler

Danielle Benavente

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Carli Bitzer

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Amber Bock

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Krystle Botwinick

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Kirone Brown

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Brent Cabral

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Jenelle Campbell

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Brandon Carrillo

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Lauren Castaneda

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Andres Castellon

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Edward Morkunas +

Jessica Perez

Phillip Porter

Shawn Riutzel

Nicholas Rocksvold

Alexander Rudolph

Rick Shelton

Richard Sherman

Grant Sipes

Corey Smith

Winter Smith

Joshua Steward

Vlad Synnes

Forrest Tappan

Luis Torres Martinez

Zachery Van Es

James Webster


Stephanie Abundis

Yesenia Aguilera

Odalys Ahumada

Thalia Alcaraz

Saidi Ambriz +

Bianca Ayon

Andrea Bacigalupi

Jessica Bailey

Francine Becerra

Lauren Belzowski

Breanna Blair

Brittany Blair

Kirsten Bowman

Briana Boyle

Jocelyn Cap

Stephanie Chavez

Nicole Delaney

Sandra Diaz

Megan Eckerson

Maelyn Escamilla

Celina Escobedo

Liliana Esparza

Sonia Farias

Gisselle Fernandez Pretell

Zachary Forman

Sara Fox

Aide Fuentes Aguilar +

Edith Garcia

Erica Garcia

Samantha Garcia

Amy Gordon

Madison Guynn

Hannah Hall

Marissa Hanks

Amanda Hernandez

Galilea Herrera

Miranda Herrera Lopez

Madelynn Hiatt

Moriah Hillyer

Lindsay Holt

Kirsty Hormell

Rylie Howell

Joselyne Hurtado

Jessica Kesterson

Ana Lopez Tostado

Colleen Lowe

Megan Maple

Veronica Marin-White

Miranda Martin

Shelbi Miller

Elsa Molina

Brisley Moran

Maria Moreno

Mackenzie Murphy

Olaoluwa Oluwole

Bianca Ordaz

Shawna O’Shea

Ashley Padilla

Barbara Paulino

Isamar Perez

Maricela Perez

Kasey Peterson

Sarah Prado

Karina Ramirez

Kelsi Ramirez

Mayra Ramos

Amy Richardson

Alejandra Saavedra

Jessica Salgado

Guisela Sandoval

Marybel Serna

Sarah Shelton

Selefana Shenouda

Laura Soria

Amy Soria Diosdado

Jamesine Staubitser

Nikki Tangel

Briana Tredick

Yannel Valadez

Cristal Vasquez

Alicia Vega

Clarisa Ventura

Adriana Vergara

Hannah Wagner

Shauna Whalen

Rachel Yalowitz

Carlisha Zacarias

Mariela Zuniga

Yeraldinny Zuniga


Jairo Aguilar

Savannah Arnot

Terrance Barroso

Eric Bidwell

Drake Blaisdell +

Michael Brown

Jared Cohen

Evan Durtschi

Sarah Eldridge

William Gifford

John Jackson

Justin Kinney

Russel Layman

Jerry Lopez

Samuel Martinez

Rudy Meza

Randall Mitchell

Juan Navarro

Guillermo Novoa

Rebecca Parr

Paul Pysell

Jonathan Quintana Gutierrez

Ricardo Rogero

Michael Rostad

Melissa Russett +

Jamie Lee Santana

Richard Smith

Marcos Valecillos

Thomas Woolley


Piper Anthony

Janel Apelacio

Jarelyn Arellano

Amanda Baxley

Justin Bishop

Kristen Bromen

Cameron Brown

Rendle Burditt

Teresa Castillo

Haylee Chavanne +

Julia Cheng

Dustin Correia

Madison Desmond

Anthony DeVetis

Katlynn Diaz

Melissa Diaz

Rebecca Down

Alexander Duenez

Nathan Duthoy

Jackie Espinoza

Tawny Estes

Cristal Gamez

Dylan Gonzales

Michael Haase

Isaac Hirsch

Jaymee Jenkins

Kimberly Jones

Jamie Knudsen

Sarah Krashefski +

Valerie Kunzelmann

Polette Lainez

Pardeep Lal

Madeline Lanois

Jordan Longo

Alec Mackenzie

Sarah Manheim

John Mehm

Ivey Mellem

Holden Molotsky

Stephanie Morales

Abigail Moreno

Cindy Ostrander

Jesus Palencia

Chelsea Parker

Alyson Pelayo

Kathryn Plyler

Ethan Powers

David Quintana

Alejandro Ramirez

Alyssa Ramirez

Abigail Ramsey

Gabrielle Reiner

Courtney Resnick

Jose-Noel Rocha

Vanessa Rodgers

Garrett Rodriguez

Madison Root

Quetzaly Santiesteban

Daniel Santos

Meghann Tauch

Elizabeth Vose

Shelby Waltrip

Mark Westphal

Andrea Whitecotton


Matthew Arbogast

Alyse Bader

Ammy Baez

Karina Barron

Rainey Barton +

Thomas Beckley

Daniella Caccavalla

Daniel Cook

Molly Cook

Andrew Damron

Tanessa Deleon

Magdalena Domingo

Mary Edwards

Joseph Ferguson

Joanna Fogarty

Daniel Glassman

Jacqueline Green

Corey Greenfield

Camila Guzman

Daniel Hill

Josiah Latthitham

Summer Lee

Leslie Magana

Eddie Mercado

Aryana Moore

Shandi Noble

Lisa Noriega

Lisa Noriega

Andrew Norman-Roberts

Shelby Palasik

Juliana Perez

Karen Ramirez

Monica Sanchez

Amanda Shepherd

Finnian Swann

Chad Tapie

Desiree Teran

Kristina Thorsen

Chase Tillman +

Erika Tirado

Lee Vella

Dakota-Rose Whearley

Amy Zorn


Maria Barrios Ultreras +

Kelsey Bergh

Cassandra Estrella Segura

Brianna Mercado

Hailee Nolte +


Natalie Alamillo

Graciela Albarran

Heidi Alcala

Jessica Alvarez

Nayeli Angeles Garcia

Jocelyn Aparicio

Alyssa Aragon

Daniel Arriaga

Sabrina Asuncion

Aleksandr Averyanov

Nataly Aviles

Andrew Barba

Stephanie Berrellez

Katheryn Black

Kaitlyn Boldt

Natalie Boudreau-White

Raquel Brutsche

Hailey Buccelli

Mariya Buckley

Anahi Bustos

Olga Calderon

Maria Campos Esparza

Cari Canales

Ashlyn Cargnel

Allyson Carranza

Sara Carrauthers

Cynthia Carrillo

Wendy Casimiro

Sunny Cha

Jillian Chan

Enrique Chavez

Kelly Clausing

Sydney Colitti

Melissa Corney

Travis Cribbs

Bibiana Cruz

Nina Cunanan

Breanna Cundari

Adrienne De Guzman

Ty Duffy

Paige Egizi

Traci Engstrum

Kimberly Espinoza

Allison Esqueda

Genesis Fabian

Sean Neil Fernandez

Megan Flynn

Ilse Fuentes

Viridiana Garcia

Savannah Geivet +

Joseph Giambo

Matthew Giehl

Riley Glasgow

Danielle Gonzalez

Lorena Gonzalez

Patricia Gonzalez

Amy Gradle

Samantha Greenstein

Eileen Gutierrez

Marlene Gutierrez

Stephenie Hayes

Samantha Herrera

Kailey Holguin

Alissa Huezo

Alexa Jackson

Adam Kessler

Mikayla Kidane

Seryna Kim

Jake Kirkpatrick

Vanessa Joy Lacbain

Alexa Layne

Suzy Lee

Mariana Linares

Arturo Lobato

Laura Lopez

Leslie Lopez

Jenny Lopez Mendiola

Stephanie Lopez Quiterio

Mary-Rose Magnolia

Kamalpreet Mann

Michelle Maravilla

Paulyanna Masilang

Gabrielle Medrano

Emerson Jhon Menchavez

Nathan Merana

Kristina Molina

Elda Morales

Laura Morales

Luis Morales III

Gabriela Moreno +

Sary Nguyen

Chinyere Oke

Cynthia Orozco

Michelle Pacheco

Bianca Parra

Michelle Perkins

Celeste Price

Vanya Prishilia

Alayna Quintana

Diana Raheel

Berenice Ramirez

Crystal Ramos

Victor Ringgold

Marissa Rodriguez

Taylor Rose

Jennifer Rueda

Jazmine Sandoval

Tayllor Schaefer

Arthur Shamunee

Kennedy Silva

Corinne Smith

Sandra Solorzano

Sofia Soto

Keith Steele

Kendall Tabing

Rachel Tandingan

Vanessa Tellez

Miztli Tinajero

Shelby Tolley

Miriam Torres

Kelsey Turnbull

Katerina Uribe

Rose Vega

Raquel Velarde

Rachel Voltz

Christine Willingham

Jessica Wolfe

Esthefanie Zamora

Karina Zavala

Kaylaa Zelaya

Veronica Zepeda

Jessica Ziebart

Kaleigh Zupon


Casey Almanza

Ellen Antonioli

Ernesto Apodaca Escobedo

Hunter Armstrong

Gloria Avila

John Brinegar

Justine Castellanos

Brendan Cleary

Emory Colborn

Cesar Cortez

Grant Crater

Justin Devad

Monica Drake

Tyler Farina

Ryan Farrell

Marissa Hull

Valerie Kunzelmann +

Nicole Lodter

Juan Lopez

Vanessa Madrigal

Alex Maldonado

Christopher Marsik

Timothy McCown

Michael McQueen

Monique Mendoza

Samantha Mendoza

John Migliaccio

Cortney Millard

Miles Minton

Anthony Munoz

Tyler Mutter

Elmer Navarrete

James Nelson

Taylor Newberry

Tyler Protzko

Ryan Sandor

Apolinario Schramm

Caren Scott +

Sarah Shellhorn

Robert Thomas

Victor Uribe

Andrew Vierra

Michaella Walbeck

Kelliann Wicks


Anthony Andrade

Timothy Bail

Colby Buffo

Antonella Cammarota +

Matthew Fox

Bryce Hultman

Kevin Illig

Riley Moore

Jossio Pedrero Hernandez +

Andrea Rivera

Daniel Sgobassi

David Swepson

Alan Torres

Alejandro Torres

James Wihlborg


Colleen Adams

Matthew Adams

Alexandra Aguirre

Elizabeth Aguirre

Carmina Alcala

Amanda Alfino

Brittany Alfino

Itzel Argueta

Claudia Arriaga

Ashley Ayala

Brittany Banda

Madison Bassow

Selin Binay

Selena Bonser

Kyra Brown

Ashley Buntin

Patricia Carrillo

Teresa Castillo

Yvette Castillo

Yesenia Centeno Sanchez

Esmeralda Cetz

Marissa Chavez

Andrea Contreras

Nicole Craviotto

Zoe Crinnion

Madeline Darnell

Vanessa De Los Rios

Samantha DeVerse

Ariel Donner

Natalie Durtche

Laura East

Tiffany Eckmann

Ashley Ertel

Angelika Esser +

Jacqueline Estrada

Halee Etter

Emily Fleming

Marco Flores

Breanne Francois

Erik Franson

Carly Frice

Sierra Garcia

Callen Gartrell

Joseph Giordano

Kimberly Gomez

Jesus Gonzalez

Ricardo Gutierrez

Richard Heller

Mary Henggeler

Jessica Hernandez

Lauren Ann Hernandez

Elizabet Herrera

Nada Hijaz

Katy Hoerman

Morgan Hooper

Bryana Inouye

Brenda Jimenez

Philip Johnson

Judy Kaneshiro

Robin Koehler

Kristal Lareva

Nicholas Laszlo

Riley Leal

Arianah Lopez

Cynthia Lopez

Claira Lozano

Amanda MacDonald

Elizabeth Macias

Mariela Cisneros Magana

Sarah Maldonado

Romelia Marcial

Corina Martinez

Meghan Mcleod

Marissa Melgoza

Jenna Mendez

Yessica Mendez

Alejandro Mendoza

Grace Meyer

Kaitlin Miller

Desiree Montez

Beatriz Morales

Ivana Munoz

London Murphy

Shaylyn Noel

Leigha Nuttall

Jennifer Ortiz

Sara Palomares

Nataley Pasley

Danika Patt

Brittany Paulson

Kalie Perez

Yuritzy Perez

Dulce Pimentel

Shane Pratt

Briana Ramos

Maritza Revolledo

Caterina Reynolds

Breanna Rink

Jeremiah Robledo

Maria Robles

Maribel Robles

Katherine Rodriguez

Esmeralda Rojas

Savannah Romp

Mindy Sandoval

Damien Sapien

Julieta Silva

Michelle Soriano-Christensen

Allyson Spata

Gabriella Torres

Tracy Troxel

Jordan Tymon

Devin Uyesaka

Joanna Valencia

Maria Vallecillo Pantoja

Alejandra Vargas

Michael Walker

Brittany Walter

Jessica Weatherford

Claire Williams

Marlon Williams

Haley Yanez

Shaun York

Diana Zambrano +

Maximilian Zepf

Danya Zizumbo


Olivia Alexander

Roberto Anaya

Brandon Artner

Becky Basulto

Carmen Calderon

Andrew Cottle

Ty Danet

Martin De Santiago

Robert Florence

Jose Gomez Valdez

Marlene Gonzalez

Antonio Hernandez

Timothy Indrieri

Claire Kielas

Jordan Kinberg

James Kovacs

David Lary

Garrett Lopez

Jerome Manion

Kyle McHugh

Angel Mora-Larscheid

Rosa Moreno

Andrew Murillo

Tyler Owen

Haley Pena

Daniel Perez

Angel Ramos +

Christian Ramos

Luis Robles

Cynthia Sillas-Melena

Robben Teufel +


Jason Aalberts

Lisa Agor

Chelsea Alvarez

Jamaica Amurao

Christal Angeles

Victor Araoz

Shannon Au-Yeung

Amani Baidwan

Anna Bates

Julia Beccia

Alyssa Becerra

Sarintha Bell

Nikita Bhakta

Justine Bonaobra

Thomas Boone

Quavilin Brice

Emily Bryant

Angelina Campitelli

Kenyn Castaneda

Genevieve Cragoe +

India Craig

Adrianne Crawford

Kenneth Paul Dadacay

Morgan Dalcerri

Renee Dixon

Kimberly Domingos

Jon-Bert Dones

Nathalie Duong

Kendyl Egizi

Jenna Escobedo

Taylor Fitzpatrick

Marissa Gallichio

Trina Galvis

Amanda Garcia

Samantha Gavirati

Alexandra Gelinas

Claire Gillette

Sarah Gilman

Michelle Audrey Guila

Marissa Gutierrez

Jane Han

Brianna Hanzmann

Michael Haslam

Karina Hernandez

Elizabeth Herrera

Kaitlyn Hitch

Keira Jacobs

Michelle Jimenez

Hannah Kaya

Ansley Knipper

Summer Latif

Jennifer Lopez

Sonya Lopez

Anamarie Lynn

Jennifer Mallen

Loni Mann

Christine Martinez

Khaya McKeever-Odom

Hollie-Ann McKiel

Kara Mead

Kimberly Mendenhall

Nadia Mendoza

Kymberly Milstead

Megan Mixer

Jasmine Montes De Oca

Elizabeth Nash

Duan Nguyen

Lisa Nordella

Stacy Nunez

Yesenia Nunez

Stephanie Ortega

Rebekah Ortmann

Jessica Ostrowski

Genesys Paraja

Alysha Payne +

Jose Eduardo Perez Zuniga

Hanna Persin

Reyna Pineda-Arana

Kristen Pohina

Kierstyn Polte

Janelle Purnell

Stephanie Pyatkovskiy

Ashley Rafael

Javier Recendez

Valerie Reyna

Jonathan Reynolds

Lauren Riggs

Edwin Rios

Evelyn Rivera

Jessica Rogers

Jeniffer Rosenow

Danielle Rutz

Casey Salinas

Krista Sao

Megan Scherber

Taylor Scott

Bryahn Shank

Hilda Skvagerson

Lauren Smith

Megan Snider

Alexia Thorley

Trena Tobin

Robert Uichanco

Mary Mallory Valencia

Glenna Verdugo

Eliza Viera

Cynthia Vournas

Jasmyn Weber

Kenji Yamamoto


Jeehan Abdullah

Alec Bertrand

Noemi Castaneda

Courtney Derrico

Annelise Gaetano +

Isabel Gonzalez

Emilee Grochowski

Pardeep Lal

Jonas Lee +

Jackson Miller

Chelsea Rueda

Lucas Snyder

Scott Tegenfeldt


Lorely Acevedo

Cynthia Alba

Vivian Aldapa

Nathan Altman

Maria Barrios Ultreras

Holly Bayibsa

Abigail Beckert

Jessica Cabral +

Graham Carpenter

Ramon Carrillo de Albornoz

Anna Cogswell

Roger Cortes-Chacon

Grant Crater

David Crawford

Iris Espinoza

Cassandra Estrella Segura

Mia Fernandez

Jessica Geiser

Alexa Gonzalez

Hugo Gonzalez

Ryland Gray

Elizabeth Heim

Kayla Herrera

Richard Holmes

Kaeley Holtke

Adriana Huerta

Shannon Izquierdo

Christian Jordan

Haley Lawson

Michael MacDonald

Carla Mena

Elena Mishkanian

Clayton Morris

Connor Morse

Juan Navarro

Natalie Noriega

Christino Olivo

Emiliano Perusset

Shanel Phillippe

Jessica Romero

Kathryn Royal +

Melissa Russett

Tyler Ryan

Brandon Schiro

Zachary Schultz

Jocelyne Serrano

Nicholas Snyder

Taylor Stein

Elizabeth Tello

Luke Travis

Yvette Trejo

Gino Velto

Allison Wadsworth

Christopher Waer

Harris Wilson


Omar Abdallah

Abdijabar Abdi

Jennifer Aguilar

Naomi Aguilar

Kristyn Aguilera

Leslye Alamillo

Gustavo Alcala

Rocio Aleman

Cheyenne Alfino

Lauren Allen

Monica Alvarado

Daniela Alvarez

Jacqueline Amarante

Carla Ambriz

Victor Amezcua

Martin Amezquita

Elizabeth Anderson

Jasmine Andrade

Lauryn Ankney

Estefania Antillon

Briana Apodaca

Monica Arana

Daniel Araujo

Fabiola Arias

Kristina Arnold

Ayla Arreguin

Senorina Arroyo

Yasmin Aubry

Christopher Aust

Ana Avalos

Gloria Avalos

Aleksandr Averyanov

Nancy Aviles Moreno

Claudia Avina

Herbert Backner

Ethan Badger

Vineesha Bakrania

Alejandra Barajas

Cameron Barndt

Andrew Barragan

Andrea Barragan Gonzalez

Sophie Basarich

Maria Charlotte Batolina

Nicole Beatty

Caidy Becerril

Dakota Beck

Scott Beckman

Joanna Beinfeld

Shaelyn Bergh-theaker

Delzy Bernal

Amanda Bernstein

Jenna Bittner

Sarah Bland

Miles Blum

Jennifer Boules

Kellye Bramel

Katianne Brent

Brittany Brich

Brian Bruer

Katherine Bryan

Maggie Bueno

Brianna Burgos

Haley Burnett

Rachel Busch

Lisset Cadena

Ashley Cameron +

Christina Caranica

Amanda Caras

Andrew Carcamo

Hanna Carlson

Diana Carranza

Stephanie Carrillo

Jatsiri Carrillo Cuevas

Jared Carter

Anthony Casello-Koch

Andrew Castaneda

Fernando Castaneda

Jennifer Castaneda

Karen Castaneda

Guadalupe Castro

Justine Cayabyab

Sasha Cervantes

Mallory Chandler

Samuel Chang

Alexander Chavez

Armando Cisneros

Jana Marie Clorina

Nichole Coker

Sara Colon

Victoria Colon

Nikla Conte

Devin Cooper

Cordero Corbin

Lauren Corletto

Carminia Coronado

Caroline Corp

Michelle Corral

Jessica Corrales

Lizeth Cruz

Wendy Cruz Villatoro

Carmen Cuevas

Melissa Dagodag

Ayla Davidson

Emily Davine

Natalia de la Torre

Jacob De Santiago

Paige Dearborn

Kendra Dekoning

Monique DeVous

Abriana Diaz

Gabriela Diaz

Monica Diaz

David DiLettera

Brenda Dillon

Tiffany Dillon

Lucy Donis

Kelsey Dunn

Erin Dyer

Mirayah Eapen

Makayla Eccles

Robert Eggerth

Sarah Eicher

Paige Ellison

Traci Engstrum

Cynthia Escalera

Denise Esparza

Micheal Espinoza

Carlos Espitia

Gisela Esquivel

Raquel Estrada

Noelle Ewing

Edgar Felix

Andrea Fernandez

Cindy Fernandez

Nelson Figueroa

Alexandra Fisher

Paola Flores

Denise Flores-Espinoza

Kaylin Floyd

Angel Fonseca

Elizabeth Fox

Jonathan Fox

Lauren Fulladosa

Sarah Fuller

Annelise Gaetano

Crystel Galindo

Daniel Garcia

Elizabeth Garcia

Emily Garcia

Heidy Garcia

Marlen Garcia

Yesenia Garcia-Campos +

Brendon Garrison

Holly Given

Amber Gomez

Bobbi Gomez

Jiana Gonchoroff

Alyssa Gonzales

Dean Miguel Gonzales

Brianna Gonzalez

Katherine Gonzalez

Carina Gonzalez Ramirez

Laura Gow

Eugene Gragg

Lacy Graham

Joshua Grattan

Mikaela Greeley

Cailin Greenelsh

Kayla Griffith

Theodore Grunt

Joseph Guajardo

Juanluis Guerra

Matthew Guerrero

Christopher Guevara

Danielle Gugas

Gina Gusmeroli

Amaranta Gutierrez

Gonzalo Gutierrez

Jennifer Guzman Rico

Jamal Haddad

Jefferson Hall IV

Sharena Hamilton

Jane Han

Erin Handler

Taleen Hanoun

Carlos Haros

Jessie Harris

Sydney Harris

Tatum Hartley

Carlie Hartwick

Raegan Heitzig

Daniel Henriquez

Kaitlyn Hensley

Rosa Hernandez Bautista

Stephanie Hernandez-Calderon

Jonathan Herrera

Barbara Herscovitz

Melinda Hill

Diana Ho

Destiny Hoerberg

Drew Holland

Megan Holmes

Melissa Holt

Jonathan Hooton

Rose Houchen

Aisha Hubbard

Colin Huey

Nicole Hunnicutt

Zachary Hunter

Camille Hunziker

Torrianne Hutson

Marleny Ibanez

Kelsee Irwin

Farah Jadhavji

Daniel Jaeger

Sandra Jeffery

Sierra Jett

Adam Johnson

Kendel Joseph

Sabrina Josephson

Merari Juarez

Rocio Juarez

Danny Kadomsky

Amy Kelley

Elodie Khalil

Mariana Khoury

Raia King

Lauren Lamberto

Tayler Laughlin

Kasey Lennon

Olivia Levy

Melissa Lincoln

Aaron Lopez

Araceli Lopez

Carmen Lopez

Noemi Lopez

Gabriela Lopez gomez

Daniela Loredo

Avery Lowe

Brooke Lozier

Justine Luna

Liliana Macias

Ariel MacIntosh

Semehi Madrigal

Stephanie Madrigal

Marisol Maldonado

Chelsea Manuel

Belinda Mark

Madison Marks

Courtney Marriott

Adriana Martinez

Elena Martinez

Frida Martinez

Gina Martinez

Jamie Martinez

Samantha Martinez

Vanessa Martinez

Alexandra Mattina

Madison McBride

Terri McCarthy

Benjamin McConnaughy

Mariah Mchugh

Tasha Mckissack

Diana Medina

Alejandra Medina Quezada

Margaret Mehrali

Sasha Mejia

Laura Melendez Munoz

Amanda Melgoza

Sarai Mendez

Kiley Mercado

Cynthia Meza-Mendoza

Yajaira Millan

Ashley Mitchell

Jacob Mogul

Tania Molina

Tasha Montano

Llareli Montejano

Karina Moran

Jessica Moreno

Melissa Moreno

Yazmine Moreno

Ashakia Morgan

Imani Morgan

Megan Mulvihill

Elizabeth Munguia Saravia

Liliana Munoz

Griselda Murias

Corey Myers

Cristina Naranjo

Elizabeth Navarro

Nitzan Navick

Kathryn Navor

Cameron Nelson

Gina Nesci

Samantha Newcomb

Azat Nikogosyan

Danalee Novoa

Evelyn Nunez

Dylan Nunley

Luz Ocegueda

Katheryne Ysabel Ordillas

Rudy Ordonez

Bonnie Oregel

Maria Ornelas

Kimberly Orozco

Giselle Ortiz-Ante

Kimberly Osuna

Jazmin Otegui

Estrella Ozuna

Caitlin Pacheco

Erika Palacios

Auzine Parvizi

Kristina Pavlunina

Alysha Payne

Hannah Pennington

Yvette Perales

Cynthia Perdomo

Brandy Perez

Gabriela Perez

Hanna Persin

Rachel Peters

Zachary Pevar

Marisol Pinto

Gavin Plant

Mara Pober

Heidi Pokras

Arina Polovnikova

Marilyn Portillo

Cassandra Pozos

Bridget Quintanilla

Liliana Quintino

Naveena Rai

Gabriella Rajkumar

Karla Ramirez

Michelle Ramirez

Natalie Ramirez

Stephanie Ramirez

Emeritha Ramirez Gomez

Chelsea Reed

Brittnie Reeser

Lauren Reeves

Christian Reyes

Elimaida Reyes

Jazmin Reyes

Olivya Reyes

Stephany Reyes

James Matthew Reynado

Brittany Rhone

Julie Ricker

Sara Ricker

Josue Rivera

Virginia Rivera

Priscilla Rivero

Kayla Rock

Nolan Roddy

Ashlee Rodriguez

Brandon Rodriguez

Dayanara Rodriguez

Paola Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

Sandra Rodriguez

Nicole Rosan

Lucero Rosas Rodriguez

Elizabeth Salgado

Andrea Sanchez

Brenda Sanchez

Jamie Sanchez

Quetzal Sanchez

McKenzie Sanders

Brenda Sandoval

Jannett Sandoval

Martha Sandoval Hernandez

Lauren Sangster

Arminda Sarmiento

Coraima Saucedo

Ashley Scalise

Conner Schwab

Marissa Scudamore

Jocelyne Serrano

Kayla Serrano

Lina Severino Medina

Shirin Shakeri

Patricia Sidebotham

Crysta Simonian

Rachel Singh

Jaclyn Smith

Sandra Smith

Taylor Snow

Erendira Soria

Virginia Soto

Jareli Soto Uriarte

Joseph Sparks

Summer Spencer

Matthew Stanger

Kristin Steiner

Rebecca Stift

Amber Stober

Ashley Suarez

Tiona Sykes

Samantha Szelog

Shon Tain

Yarida Tamayo

Angelica Tapia

Luise Teesalu

Paige Thies

Diana Thiratalerngkiat

Iesha Thomas

Mikaila Thompson

Alyssa Tolliver

Jesus Torres

Selena Torres

Laura Tougas

Shaun Paul Tyler

Jake Umphreyville

Kristina Urgel

Maria Valadez

Tyler Van De Putte

Darlene Van Dueck

Agostina Vanacore

Samantha Vandenberg

Brooke Vandenbosch

Cyndy Vargas

Natalie Vazquez-Perez

Andrea Velarde

Rachel Veroni Wooff

Deborah Vidal

Marissa Villa

Nicolas Visnjevic

Alexa Wagner

Shannon Walling

Audrey Webb

Daniel Wells

John Wells

Brigid Wheeler

Matthew Whitlock

Michael Williamson

Austin Wong

Naomi Wood

Jessica Woodman

Kalsee Xiong

Raquel Yeomans

Sarah Yoder

Victoria Zavala

Amy Zeller

Johnny Zuniga

Minatzi Zuniga

Janelle Zweigle


Francisco Acosta

Anthony Aguilar-Andrade

Annette Alfaro

Araceli Alfaro

Isaac Alonzo

Cheyenne Anderson Randle

Enrique Arroyo

Angela Asre

Michelle Avilez

Noemi Ayala

Justin Bailey

Alma Barragan

Stacy Barrios

Rebecca Berke

Melissa Berry

Candice Bleiler

Ashley Bonilla

Sandra Bravo

Erica Brittain

Anna Brodkey

Glenda Caceres

Cindy Calona

Juan Camacho

Krystal Campos

Hanna Candell

Elizabeth Carranza

Janet Carrillo

Lauren Carrillo

Lizette Castellanos

Blanca Ceja

Andrea Cervantes

Carlos Cervantes

Alejandra Chavez

Lauren Chumbley

Kimberly Cruz

Rocio de la Parra

Nicole Doran

Richard John Early

Monica Enriquez

Chantal Escalante

Joanna Esquivel

Paula Eulogio

Jeremiah Farr

Nicolas Galarza

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Daniella Hernandez

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Janet Mendoza Rivera

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Aurora Miranda

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Chelsea Narajos

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Deborah Nownes Navarro

Alejandrina Nunez

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Caitlin Peebles

Alma Pelaez Franco

Tyler Peterson

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Gabriela Ramirez

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