Dec. 16, 2019 – The next generation of computer careers is riding on a cloud.

Workers skilled at cloud computing are increasingly in demand at industry giants like Netflix, Amazon and Google. Fourteen percent of all jobs in all areas require cloud skills, and cloud computing skills have been the number one skill sought by employers in almost all industries for the last five years.

CSU Channel Islands’ (CSUCI) Extended University (EU) can now help prepare students to fill these jobs, thanks to a new course created in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Spearheaded by Professor of Computer Science Michael Soltys, Ph.D., EU is offering a cloud computing course beginning in spring 2020 in partnership with the AWS Academy. AWS is in the business of providing cloud services for various industries, and owns half of the cloud market.

The AWS Academy aims to bridge the gap between the industry of cloud computing and higher education. Soltys, who chairs CSUCI’s Computer Science program, completed rigorous training to become AWS-certified and oversees the new course.

Cloud computing describes the increasingly popular practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than using a local server or a personal computer.

It’s appealing for many businesses as it provides companies with access to their data center from virtually any computer, and it’s affordable. Cloud computing concepts such as storage, databases, networking and architecture will all be part of the AWS curriculum. In addition to content development, the AWS Academy will also provide hands-on experience for students.

To learn more about CSUCI’s newfound alliance with Amazon and how to register for cloud computing courses, visit

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