Priscillia LiangAug. 31, 2021 — Vietnam has always fascinated CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI) Professor of Finance Priscilla Liang, Ph.D.  


Born in China, Liang has long been a student of Asian Pacific financial markets and finds Vietnam’s socialist-oriented market economy perched on the precipice of change.  


“I recall a brief trip during which we stopped in Vietnam. There was construction everywhere,” Liang said. “It was chaotic and exciting and vibrant. I thought, this is like China 30 years ago, with the seeming contradiction of communist slogans posted right next door to McDonald’s.”  


Liang will have a chance to immerse herself in the inner workings of Vietnam’s evolving economy when she travels to the Southeast Asian country on a Fulbright scholarship. The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, offers awards to U.S. faculty to support research and teaching efforts overseas.  


Barring COVID restrictions, Liang expects to be in Vietnam at the beginning of December. She will teach finance at the University of Da Nang.  


“Tentatively, I plan to teach corporate finance strategy,” Liang said. “I also want to undertake a comparative study of the American and Vietnamese financial systems. The banking sector in Vietnam has been developing at an amazing pace. It will be a privilege to witness and study it first-hand.”  


Interim Dean of the Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics Susan Andrzejewski, Ph.D. believes Liang will be a dynamic educator during her stay at the University of Da Nang.  


"Dr. Liang is an incredibly engaging and talented professor,” Andrzejewski said. “While some students are hesitant to take finance classes, Dr. Liang makes the coursework approachable and accessible through her course design and projects. She also uses the ‘teacher scholar’ model in her classes, including bringing her academic research into the classroom to encourage students to think critically about current issues in finance.”  


Liang’s scholarly activities over the last year have included completing a book about the China-U.S. trade war and conducting research in emerging financial markets. Liang is looking forward to being involved with finance and trade issues at one of Vietnam’s top-ranked universities at such an exciting time.  


“In my opinion, Vietnam is a rising star in Southeast Asia,” Liang said. “Vietnam’s universal education system has played an important role in its rapid economic growth.” 


As an educator, Liang said she considers it a great honor to contribute to improving the country’s system of higher education as the country undergoes this economic shift during a time like no other.  


“Will Vietnam have enough human talent and appropriate economic policies to support its continued growth after the global pandemic?” Liang added. “It’s a fascinating question.”  

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