May 29, 2019 -  Library Specialist and Archivist Evelyn S. Taylor and Mary E. Holt have co-authored a book, "Camarillo State Hospital," set to be released on June 3. The book is a pictorial reflection of Camarillo State Hospital's rapid expansion as the largest state hospital west of the Mississippi, to the shuttering of its doors sixty years later. 

In 2000, Evelyn became the first archivist for CSU Channel Islands  and came to appreciate firsthand the hospital's alluring history.  Mary E. Holt is a historical researcher of Camarillo State Hospital  (CAM) and an avid photographer, who has captured the hospital's haunting beauty since its closure. 

After the book's release, the authors will host three book signings and an interview with KCLU will run on June 3 (the book's release date). The book signings will be held as follows:

  • June 12 at Institution Ale in Camarillo
  • June 22 at Bank of Books in Ventura
  • July 28 at the Camarillo Public Library

For more information contact Evelyn Taylor at 805-437-8830 or

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