May 13, 2019 - While graduating students, family or friends might be tempted to create Instagram-worthy photos using colorful confetti and/or glitter, we encourage you to rethink the product(s) you're using to get those images. 

Many common confetti and glitter products leave behind negative impacts on our local environment and have adverse effects such as:

  • running into waterways and breaking down into microplastics, which have disastrous consequences for marine life and human health
  • they can confuse wildlife (fish, birds and small mammals that frequent the campus) that might think those colorful pieces are food

While taking graduation photos this year, remember that confetti is litter and although it makes for some fun, celebratory images, its negative effects remain in our local environment for much longer than the time it takes to click the camera. 

We know that this is a momentous occasion and encourage you to explore options for purchasing biodegradable confetti so you can get the photos you want while ensuring our campus remains pristine and beautiful. 

For more information contact Lisa Noriega at 805-437-3507 or

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