Jan. 6, 2020 - Sandy Sanchez graduated from CSUCI in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in political science and Spanish. When given the opportunity to mentor fellow Dolphins using CI's new online mentoring and networking platform, Dolphin Connect, Sandy didn't hesitate.

"I think it's a great resource that I would have benefited from as a student. As a first generation college student, I often felt nervous and alone navigating through college. I imagine there are many other students in similar situations, and if I could be a resource to even one of them, that would be very meaningful to me. I see Dolphin Connect as a way to stay connected to the University and pay it forward.”

Dolphin Connect gives alumni and faculty/staff the opportunity to share career advice and have mentoring conversations with current students and graduates from the University.

The time commitment is completely flexible and based on the mentor's schedule. As a mentor, you decide how many conversations per month you're open to, and you can change your availability on the platform at any time.

Feel like paying it forward? Join the community at dolphinconnect.csuci.edu.

For more information contact Lisa Sewell at lisa.sewell@csuci.edu

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