June 16, 2022 – Four CSUCI faculty members and the CSUCI Boating Center have all received grants to continue their projects. Read on to learn more about each grant and how it will help.

The Ventura County Community Foundation awarded $6,050 to Professor Kirsten Linton, Ph.D., for her continuation project, called “The Impact of Caregiver Navigation on Medically Fragile Older Adults, their Caregivers, and the Healthcare System.” Professor Linton’s evaluation will assess the impact of patient and caregiver outcomes as well as the Healthcare system.

Professor Emily Fairfax, Ph.D., was awarded $100,000 for her project, “2022 Project Mayfield Grant: Beaver (Castor Canadensis) Relocation Best Practices in the American West and Other.” Professor Fairfax will continue to study beavers and the importance of their impact on our world.

The National Science Foundation (via a subaward from the University of Notre Dame) awarded $21,441 to Professor Lydia Dixon, Ph.D., for her project, “Investigating Cesarean Incisions as Predictors for the Reproduction of Inequality.”

Professor Kiki Patsch, Ph.D., was awarded $75,000 for her project, “CSUCI and BEACON Prop 68 MOU: BEACON Regional Sediment Management SLR Adaptation Pilot Program.”

The California Division of Boating and Waterways awarded $41,979 in continued funding to the CSUCI Boating Center to promote boating safety education, including on-the-water training to the general public. This training enhances boaters’ knowledge of boating laws, practical handling of vessels on the water, weather and water conditions, and rules of the road and equipment requirements. Located in Oxnard at the Channel Islands Harbor, the CSUCI Boating Center offers a wide range of boating instruction and safety classes in kayaking, sailing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

For more information contact Research and Sponsored Programs at rsp@csuci.edu.

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