Aug. 26, 2019 – As the fall semester commences, we extend a sincere congratulations to the newest 13 tenure track faculty members and a warm welcome to 20 new lecturers who have joined our campus community.

Committed to enhancing the educational experience for students while continuing to hone their disciplines, these instructors not only add value to the classrooms they teach in, they help ensure our students’ success.

Tenure Track

  • Dr. Bahareh Abbasi (Mechatronics)
  • Dr. Taryn Hakala (English)
  • Dr. Reza Abdolee (Computer Science)
  • Dr. Eric Kaltman (Computer Science)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Blackwood (Library)
  • Dr. Sonsoles De Lacalle (Health Science)
  • Dr. Jose Castro Sotomayor (Communication)
  • Dr. Vida Vakilian (Mechatronics)
  • Dr. Tadashi Dozono (Education – History/Social Science)
  • Dr. Rudolf von May (Biology)
  • Dr. Emily Fairfax (ESRM)
  • Dr. Argero Zerr (Psychology)
  • Dr. Scott Feister (Computer Science)


  • Jeff Appell (Psychology)
  • Spencer Mermelstein (Psychology)
  • Lucinda Bernardino (Chemistry)
  • Hadas Mizrahi (Psychology)
  • Janice Carlson (Psychology)
  • Alan Nelson (Business)
  • Marian Everest (Education – ECS)
  • David Parsons (Communication)
  • Jade Flores-Henderson (Economics)
  • Anita Perez Ferguson (Business)
  • Drew Foley (Business – Management)
  • Cortney Rodet (Economics)
  • Peter Krause (Psychology)
  • Paul Smokler (Business – Management)
  • Diep Leahy (Nursing)
  • Ricardo Suarez (Math)
  • Sheryl Leonard (Business)
  • Zaibu Tufail (Sociology)
  • Matthew Lorenzen (Psychology)
  • Bruce Zeedik (Business – Accounting)
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