March 22, 2024 - Alejandra Arroyo and Sheila Ferer, undergraduate scientists in the Tapia Lab at CSUCI, recently showcased their groundbreaking research at The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) 2024 in Washington D.C., shedding light on how organisms adapt to dry environments and the drying and rehydration cycles.

Arroyo’s work focused on substances known as compatible solutes and how they help different organisms survive extremely dry conditions.

Ferer discussed her new method to study how yeast cells change their proteins when they go through periods of drying out and then getting rehydrated.

Through this work, both students were able to share insights that could help inform strategies for enhancing food preservation, bolster agricultural resilience in arid regions, and redefine pharmaceutical formulations for improved stability.

TAGC is known for uniting international genetic research communities and providing a platform for undergraduate scientists to share their work. Arroyo and Ferer were able to share their expertise while forging valuable connections for future collaborations.

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